Your Health, Your Way

Your Health, Your Way

ADHD requires a minimum of 45 minutes of consecutive cardio 6x a week for an elevated heart rate to "fire up" the brain (in my zone of focus, no notifications except for my own household so solo therapy - mental recharge time by myself to recover from existing mental overstimulation), and lifting heavy weights at least 3-5 days a week on my prescription by a medical expert. Pilates to recover and for "quiet" time. This time has to be carved out. 

One thing I won't apologize for is not spending mental bandwidth and energy I do not have due to managing a disability. I also don't need to explain this to anyone outside my household. I don't live to impress. If someone wants to personalize my lines: go ahead and have fun.

That said, knowing anything about anyone isn't a pre-requisite to respecting their time and personal autonomy.

If something energizes others but drains you, you're under no obligation to make sense to anyone about doing what makes *you* happy as long as you care for your obligations in the process. We don't tolerate coercion or hijacking of our time, lives, and visions around here.

Training 6 days a week does not mean that training is all I do.

Your wellness is encouraged in healthy connections who won't act inconvenienced by your limits. 

ADHD processes thoughts emotions through motion and fitness, this is not complicated to understand for most people. Physical fitness is linked to mental health. People with ADHD. Need quiet time to process their thoughts due to over simulation.

If you're not my child, or dependent and you bother/delay/deny/disturb my workout time, that's a one-way ticket out of my life... 

Mental recharge quiet time in an overstimulated world isn't weird, it's introversion. Everyone deserves blocks of mental privacy.

Solitude isn't lonely when it is for recharging a wild brain.

Fitness is not social time for me. I get that elsewhere. 

Some people are "solo" emotional processors (therapy time), I don't do group fitness nor do I like noise (my brain is wild enough and noisy enough).   

When focusing and concentrating, alone isn't lonely and it's quality over quantity, we have dominion about who obtains access to our sovereign life. I must think too highly of myself, so arrogant of me to watch the company I keep. There must be a reason I keep a small circle. 

I am not going to be exhausted if I train 6 days a week, I'm going to be drained and exhausted if I don't.

It is fairly obvious that disability management plans are going to take you away from other areas of life (as long as you handle your dependents/household obligations). That's the basis of living with a disability is that it takes over a lot of your life, but I would rather add quality to those areas of life even if I have a lower quantity of time for them... I would rather have a higher quality of life than the quantity of living time.

Your wellness is encouraged in healthy connections.

Emotions and thoughts are processed physiologically so the separation of mental and physical health is a slight delusion, just like our gut microbiome is where our nervous system links to. Aside from overall bodybuilding, it's called emotions in motion for a reason. 🏆 

The concept of moving the body moves the mind and helps people "process" their emotions (internal processors) as the symptoms of mental health are physiological. 🏋️‍♀️

Disability management can be a part-time job so we don't have time to waste on hampering the rituals that fulfill our oxygen mask requirements for anyone outside our household.

Loud minds need quiet to function and I think that the right people for us will "get" it effortlessly. 

Boundaries are sanity and not the same as wishing ill on others.

Mind to muscle connection requires a meditative un-interrupted non-distracted focus. Your own time being under your ownership doesn't take it away from another area as any other area except household or dependents has no jurisdiction over it.

If they're not a child or a dependent, or even from your own household, and they think they are more important than your dedicated time for your disability or health aka your ability to survive/function at a baseline, whether you have a disability or not, they are not in alignment with you.

Engaging in strength training brings me immense joy and contentment, serving as my sanctuary of happiness. Mind-to-muscle connection matters, focus matters, and your future depends on your ability to stay mentally sharp which ranks higher than any detractor.  

Respect for time when you have two lanes and a disability ranks high so anyone with respect wouldn't touch your oxygen mask time or even try to use that as an "in" with you, they'd respect your need for scheduled solitude. They don't come before your survival and dependents. 

It's crucial to prevent anyone from undermining your ambitions by safeguarding your mind against negative influences or discouraging remarks. 

Having a vision empowers you to realize your goals by tailoring your approach to suit your unique circumstances and methods.

Consideration is owed to people you have actual business dealing with, that you choose to deal with, or when the matter at hand is owed within that context but you don't owe anyone your health and no one has a right to act like that oxygen mask time takes away from them (those kinds of people do not care if you live or die, this is what their mentality is showing you covertly, they just want to take from you at your expense since you're an extension of their agenda).

You're supposed to function without guaranteed time for rest how exactly? That's as delusional as thinking health time takes care of itself without time carved out and then daring to not treat it as sacred is a marker of *never* again in my life am I going near that mentality.

Who, outside of your household or dependents, thinks they trump the sacred conditions to your baseline functioning? Who would look at your basic boundaries (which do not need to be explained, simply stated as you're to kissing up to anyone or begging for permission) that keep your health safe as negotiable? Someone who needs to be shown the door, that's who.

Who would not want you empowered, self-respecting, and investing in your joy sources while protecting your guaranteed rest and oxygen mask time? Who and why? What type of person would want the opposite and to what end? Real ones encourage wellness, be careful who you let into your life!  

Anyone outside your household who tries to trample on your oxygen mask basically is telling you that they do not care about the conditions to your survival, those are not people you lost: you gained your peace by dodging that.

Don't expect people who aren't on a serious strength improvement game to understand why fitness is like a job for you and for your mental health, they can kindly get out of the way of people with goals though.

My sky high spam filter works for me and gives me all the things I manifest so self-love mode isn't blocking anything except scams.

The more severe the ADHD, the more critical the exercise regime.

Don't get it?

That's fine, but kindly don't get in the way of the oxygen mask of people who function differently, it's not that difficult.

Peace comes from minding our own business.

Your mind serves as the central hub of control, so it's essential to be discerning about who you allow to influence or speak into it, prioritizing positive and supportive (not discouraging, meddlesome, and controlling) influences.