Inflexibility or Clarity?

Inflexibility or Clarity?

Honouring the basics of your baseline of health, recharge time un-interrupted, your existing commitments/ quality control is missing out on nothing as anything meant for you will fit seamlessly. The “means” has to fit *your* daily vision, speculative ROI is a trap.

Constraints are inflexible? But is burnout better? No.

I cannot be "missing out" on anything meant for me.

Inflexible bed time and health regimes will be my trademarks. 

I am not interested in showing "open-mindedness" as if something that I already know does not fit my vision was going to get me to my ultimate vision?

Extreme adherence to a schedule got me into Forbes via my own merit, not some random labour-intensive connection. 

My own effort in a few directions maximum is what helps me avoid ADHD paralysis as even considering anything not in alignment is an energy drain.

It is very possible to have immense clarity even if not everyone has it, I do, and I love and own it.