Diary Entry: Random Reflections

Diary Entry: Random Reflections

Challenges are not obstacles, they’re preparing you.

Have you ever wanted something, you did all the work, but you're like: "Universe where the heck is my manifestation?" ... But are you BEING the right Energy? Are you at that level of Being-ness that your manifestation is also on? 

I was not “prepared” for the Forbes feature until recently... One dark time followed another, I handled it with as much grace as I could... and then I got the feature all at the same time.

I was willing to reserve weekly non-negotiable buffers for my sanity for the times where things don't go as planned so I could breathe easily even during crazy times so it naturally aligned with working with the editors... even when I was managing some other personal stuff. It's as if I intuitively knew that I grew to a better version of me and I was rewarded. 

That better version of me finally understood that rest and focus created better outcomes. Limits don't mean "less" potential, they mean quality!

Laser-focused is the version of me I needed to become before this manifestation could come to fruition.

How could I have gotten the Forbes feature before when I was scattered?

How could I have been able to make better business decisions prior to the obstacles I overcame teaching me powerful lessons?

My niche of solving a specific problem (athletic level up or getting back on track with a love for the sport of fitness and focusing on sports nutrition - specifically muscle gain with maintaining fat loss) had to solidify before the Universe confirmed it was the right move while rewarding my decisiveness. 

Am I leaving money on the table while narrowing my focus? Maybe? Maybe not? I still prefer focus either way. 

We must level up mentally before your life moves to a higher standard - it goes in tandem. I wasn’t as strong mentally when I first sent my pitches as now. I love me some victory over what once seemed insurmountable.

I love seeing confirmation that a new level demands a different version of me.

If you don't get what you know is meant for you on the first try, keep working on your mindset and you'll either get it or get something better.