Enforcing My Disconnect Time

Enforcing My Disconnect Time

It's easy to disconnect and not worry when "off" when your business has a scope and gives you nothing to redo or worry about: this is why mapping out vision/standard operating procedures is worth the initial investment as is technology/innovation albeit time
consuming upfront.

Never ever take seriously anyone who ever acted like having a scope is slacking or making it seem like you should feel bad for wanting one or trick you out of confidently wanting a scope. Your business owes only its fair share, the rest of your time is for other areas of life.

Pushing your comfort zone may make sense in a gym or sports setting, but respecting your wiring and the conditions to your functioning is just basic self-respect. You know what your needs are and honouring them is how you stay sane, happy, protected.

Managing mental overstimulation through designated quiet time is a mental health oxygen mask for ADHD. I love that for me. I love having guaranteed rest time due to scopes that can't just be pushed around, it's truly self-respect because passion guards quality control via scopes.

Again... You getting out of your comfort zone at the gym actually makes sense but otherwise, accepting yourself and your limits is really what self-respect is about because that's not about comfort zone, that's about survival zone and functioning at a baseline zone.  

Your conditions to baseline brain function are not a comfort zone, it's self-awareness. 

The limits of your availability will be enough for the right person.

Anyone in your life who does not appreciate your limited time isn't a supporter.

Contrary to the apprehensions that often hold us back, setting and enforcing boundaries isn't a threat to our relationships; instead, it's a safeguard for our happiness and precious peace. If it is a threat to any connection, it is only unhealthy ones so good riddance to those.

Boundaries are cold only to those who wish they had dominance over your autonomy and inconvenienced by being unable to hold dominion over you because control over other free willed humans (minds / bodies / souls) satiates their need for power over people.

Life-changing realization that boundaries do not lack compassion, those wanting to over-ride your limits are the ones lacking compassion.

There is nothing to work around (no good timing, none) if you simply don't have time for something, and if you don't have time for it, it wasn't meant to be. That's just part of life. You won't need to explain this to those with emotional maturity who do not act central in the lives of people they do not even know.