Introverts Need Alone Time

Introverts Need Alone Time

There is nothing wrong with wanting to use amenities in peace and quiet, especially if you are respecting the space and time of others. As long as you're not bothering others, you don't actually owe them your recharge time. I would argue that what is rude is trying to make demands on the time of strangers who you know nothing about and you have no idea what kind of day they're having.

What is rude is trying to impose yourself in the lives of others who you don't know.

You're not obligated to be an open door for anybody.

You have every right to your private time off-limits especially if you have a health condition and multiple jobs. 

I don't like strangers all up in my business and they are not the kind of people I would even want in my life in the first place, if they're like that. Every type of connection should be consensual!

It's not because I chose to rent a place on the same street as someone else or use the same gym that they're automatically going to be someone that I trust or that I have the mental energy or space in my schedule.

ADHD cannot refocus and our recharge time has to be consecutive, there's no one outside my actual household who is going to trespass this concept.

I treat my gym time/work time with the same respect and sanctity, loud minds need quiet, this isn't about anyone else: period.

I don't have extra time, that's why I keep a small circle by choice.

I don't look for quantity, I look for quality.

Reasons why introverts require quiet time to mentally process their thoughts:

1. Restores Energy:

Introverts recharge by spending time alone in quiet environments, which allows them to replenish their energy after social interactions.

2. Reflective Processing:

Quiet time provides introverts with the opportunity for introspection and reflection, helping them process their thoughts and emotions more effectively.

3. Creativity Boost:

Solitude fosters creativity as introverts have the space to explore their ideas without external distractions or influences.

4. Enhances Focus:

Without the presence of others, introverts can concentrate better on tasks at hand, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

5. Self-Discovery:

Quiet moments allow introverts to delve deeper into their interests and passions, leading to a better understanding of themselves and their needs.

We get to decide who we allow into our small circle and it's always going to be our choice.

We only need people in our lives, who respect our privacy and introversion.