Synergee Mini-Bands Saved My Home Workouts!

Synergee Mini-Bands Saved My Home Workouts!

Given that I am putting more time into nutrition for my ADHD and can't schedule the gym into my life as easily, so I have had to adapt.

I am now adding mini-bands from Synergee to my squats, overhead lifts, and Pilates and these things saved my home workouts from getting too boring and allowed progressive overload in a different way.

These bands are versatile and suitable for home-gym-ers and for those who train in the gym (suitable for all levels).

Bands are low-impact yet offer great resistance training which is also why they are often used in physiotherapy settings. 

They can aid in injury recovery and provide low-impact resistance for individuals looking to rebuild strength after an injury. In addition, incorporating resistance bands into your workouts can help prevent injuries by strengthening stabilizer muscles and improving joint stability.

Bands can also be particularly effective for targeting smaller muscle groups that are often overlooked in traditional exercises, leading to a more balanced and functional physique.

This set of Synergee Mini-Bands includes:

5 bands (which allows for progression)

Yellow - Light Resistance 5-20lb

Green - Medium Resistance 20-35lb

Blue - Heavy Resistance 35-40lb

Black - Extra Heavy Resistance 40-45lb

Red - Extra Extra Heavy Resistance 45-50lb

Carrying Bag and Exercise Manual with six different exercises.

All bands measure 12" by 2".

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