ATP Lab: Greens and Reds Whole Foods

ATP Lab: Greens and Reds Whole Foods

The ATP Lab Greens and Reds Whole Foods Powder Supplement offers a convenient solution for busy individuals looking to maintain their nutrient intake on the go.

Packed with a blend of greens and reds, this supplement provides a spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

For those with hectic schedules, incorporating a nutrient-rich supplement like this can help bridge the gap when it's challenging to obtain sufficient nutrients from whole foods alone.

The powder form allows for quick and easy mixing, making it suitable for those with limited time for meal preparation. However, while this supplement can be a helpful addition to a busy lifestyle, it's important to remember that whole foods should still be a primary source of nutrients whenever possible.

I am impressed that 2 servings per day provides the nutritional value of 8 servings of vegetables and fruits from 17 different sources! My favourite flavour is Blueberry Acai. 

Looking to level up your supplement game?

If you're looking for a protein (or overall health / brain) supplement that is easy on your stomach and made with quality ingredients, look no further than ATP Lab. 

I have IBS and I swear by this brand for protein and greens supplements as they do not mess up my sensitive stomach.

Only the good stuff. Whatever your nutrition, health, or performance goals, there’s a high quality, pharmaceutical grade, 3rd party tested ATP Lab product for you.

They have protein, greens, reds, sleep, mind, and energy supplements.

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