Distraction Precedes Destruction

Distraction Precedes Destruction

We are not called to be fools, forgiveness does not mean forgetting what people have already shown you about their characteristics. Love all, trust few. We guard our time and our hearts. Nothing wrong with discernment!

Forgiveness doesn't forgo using your brain.

Some are wolves in sheep's clothing. Careful! They may try to latch onto what you've built. No.

Charities of choice, not leeches. 

Benefit of the doubt means their intent may be good, awesome, but that doesn't mean entertaining or engaging with people you do not have mental energy for or who have shown a serious allergy to cues and boundaries (if it's difficult now, it can only worsen from there: entitled people are too much trouble)...

Everyone is "good" on some level, we still get to guard our energy and time.