ADHD Self-Management Trick

ADHD Self-Management Trick

ADHD parking lots can fill up quickly. We can't execute everything without evaluating:

  • Time expense?
  • Resource expense?
  • Opportunity cost?
  • Alignment with now vs. later state/vision?
  • Is something replacing this function later?
  • Is there another person already doing this?
  • Are we adding or removing strain on existing functions?

So park it first and use a vision checklist, otherwise you're on the road to nonsensical distraction where your requirement to disconnect for precise daily guaranteed resting hours (uninterrupted except by kids or dependents) will be denied by issues easily managed by clear scopes.

There is no "satisfaction scale" or being difficult scale to respecting our mental recharge time (ADHD affects the brain), it is either respected or it is denied, the conditions to disability survival aren't to be compromised, ever, that's the same as outright denying the fact that these people can survive without basic health needs, wrong on all counts.

Loud minds need recharging from overstimulation. 

Without a guaranteed amount of daily rest, your body may shut down slowly but surely - disability or not: so run with a strategy that fits you - not out of laziness - but because health precedes business and you won't have any coping mechanisms for life without replenishing. 💙

Focus and intensity are more powerful, even with more resources, than the futility of thinking a higher quantity of hours is even needed in the first place when doing what truly moves the needle with excellence. These things respect health and are greater vehicles of passion.

You'll be able to switch off properly when you're putting fences around capacity limits.  

You don't owe apologies for your health needs... Everyone has them! If it doesn't fit the segments of your life where you're actually available, it probably means you don't have time for it and nobody has time for everything and forced expansion to take on what doesn't naturally fit timing-wise without cutting into health is not okay with me. One thing is normally at the expense of something else. What kind of vision would be so scattered without any screening criteria or priority-setting principles? 

We have less working hours available to us, so we focus on alignment, purpose, efficiency and innovation, not spending time we do not have which is called time debt.

The mental wheelchair of ADHD is needed 100% of the time, our legs don't grow back intermittently, thus the stricter the insomnia buffers and the crash days, the better. We may need more buffers, never less, no margin of error, no foolery.

Protect your peace.