Boundaries are about protecting your peace and your space (and no safety threat has to be present for them to be guarded as prevention). Boundaries take your power back, so the only people who have a problem with it likely don't want you empowered and that's not your problem.

Someone wanting something from you ahead of your own goals and priorities in life and punctuality (no matter what it is that you're doing) is showing you blatant inconsideration.

Establishing healthy boundaries for yourself tends to greatly unsettle the unhealthy and codependent individuals in your life. Which is perfect!

Focus-related disability 101:

It doesn't seem logical to expect someone who's juggling multiple jobs and school to "center" a stranger in their life who has nothing else to do but bother them.

Feeling ignored when they're busy doesn't mean they're deliberately snubbing you, people are busy and they do not have to slow down to cater to you or explain themselves to cave into that kind of clinginess. And just because you want to make yourself above their chosen priorities and feel entitled to their space and time, that's twisted and odd to think you come before the personal responsibilities of a stranger: especially if you weren't invited to be involved in their life.

People are simply focused on their responsibilities, and causing disruptions won't make you a significant part of their lives.

When strangers demand your time and energy without regard for your well-being or life circumstances with such insistence and disregard for your space, it’s a significant red flag and it is far from friendly. Such entitlement indicates a lack of respect and empathy, crucial components of healthy, reciprocal relationships. This disregard becomes even more concerning when you're juggling intense work schedules and managing personal challenges, such as a disability. People who ignore these aspects of your life and solely focus on what they can gain from you are likely to take more than they give, potentially leading to exploitation and emotional drain. It’s important to recognize these signs early and set boundaries to protect your well-being.

It is a red flag that certain people feel entitled to the time and energy of strangers just because of proximity, I already give back to humanity and genuine charities (despite my disability) so I'm not going to entertain ***their*** lack of awareness of the concept boundaries they tried to make my issue.

Not giving people what they want from me is not the same as infringing on their rights and I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm not the one going around forcing myself on other people or forcing my worldviews on them, I'm literally trying to mind my own business in peace and it should not be this complicated.

Their feelings of rejection are truly not my issue though. They don't possess others.

Like... Please stop everything that you're doing, stop getting home on time, stop getting to your sleep schedule on time, stop working two jobs, you have an obligation to cater to the whims of the inconsiderate based on proximity, they are the God of your life and rule your schedule too!

Everyone has demands and obligations in their life that we do not see / know about and respecting that doesn't require seeing / knowing it (privacy matters).

The correct response to a boundary is respect and acceptance. Not revolt.