The Smart Approach Has Nothing To Prove To Anyone

The Smart Approach Has Nothing To Prove To Anyone

In today's fast-paced world, there's a lot of pressure to leave your job and dive headfirst into entrepreneurship.

But for many, a strategic, slow, and steady method of building a side hustle while maintaining a full-time job is a much smarter approach. This is especially true for those considering leaving their job for a business: I am not. ūüíĮ

***Spot manipulators early who pressure you to stress yourself out for the benefit of you caving in for their desire for control over your path and life decisions which are truly none of their business: Having a good voice doesn’t obligate you to be a singer for a living, meaning: you choose the path remix that respects your needs and health, not based what people who do not live with the consequences want to benefit off of you or take from you when they can easily find it elsewhere and that kind of pressure to influence your path is a bad sign that tries to erode your free will.***

You can't outsource your health and the need to not live in a perpetual state of mental overwhelm and constant tugs on bandwidth is innate and not fear of the unknown but personal values being upheld and basic common sense (being responsible and choosing what is best for you).

I don't think it's fear of the unknown, it's common sense and respecting your medical limits. 

Why don't the "get out of your comfort zone" gurus go jump into some random unknown venture themselves and risk their financial obligations and health requirements aka mental bandwidth limits knowing a business is a 24/7 game when full-time?

Why don't they do what they're promoting? 

No answer? 


Personally, I never wanted or want to quit my job, despite others trying to project that idea onto me (from various areas of my life so I am not referring to anyone in particular, but they are definitely people to whom I never asked for an opinion so their audacity is being repaid with me blasting it online: it is to be expected when you go after people who have platforms). Having safety to have a clearly defined scope (which prevents burnout and prevents distracted attention spans and going nowhere fast due to millions of directions), to rest enough, and to disconnect when off is a beautiful luxury that I am so grateful I have finally come across. 

There is a level of stress that comes with managing a *disability* in terms of everything we have to do most days just to be functional (living in 6 days a week due to a crash day, not a full 7): I want the remainder of my life to be fairly simplified and that's why I chose the combination of lanes that I did.  

There¬†is nothing more concerning¬†than recommending full-time entrepreneurship for a person with a disability, I just needed to say that out loud. ūüö©

Requirements are the only acceptable manner in which to view disability management methods, all else must remain in the stone age and not pollute us in 2024. An oxygen mask is not a comfort zone, it is clear respect for our basic (but different) functioning.  

The other thing is that the existence of a startup on its own (yes, even on the side) is quite the risk itself, and I don't have to appease people who think that a start up is an escape route from my main job when it's really just the fact that I like having multiple lanes.

Again, those who are encouraging me to go into business full-time (when basic balance and autonomy can be obtained in stable conditions that are conducive to health) are probably the people who want that for themselves, so I would really appreciate it if they could keep their projections to themselves. If you're going to try to redirect my path (push me around like a covert bully) without my willing consent, you should know by now that's going to be spoken about on my platforms, maybe even the news. Mind your business unless otherwise asked! 

This reminds me of the idiots who told me to go back to retail because they felt inconvenienced to by my differences which made them feel insecure. They took turns on trying to redirect my path for years. These kinds of people wonder why you keep your distance and they did it to themselves.

Health requires steady income and it's *even better* when you love your craft (I wonder if they do as otherwise they wouldn't put so much thought into pushing others to quit if they didn't think about it themselves), and if you can't build on the side: you don't have the time management skills for a full-on business anyway! 

Preserving your energy instead of over-exertion isn't lazy, limits are to be respected: it's not a comfort zone (the things that drain you and derail you from what makes you happy/comfortable/protected should be avoided).  

Try having a stressful disability yourselves? I doubt they would understand. It's adding insult to injury to deal with unwanted advice from people I am not even close with! 

They want me to think that doing things their way is the key to my future, no, doing things in a manner that respects my health and showing up within the limits of my availability to both my online business and telework craft is what's going to work for me. They don't have any say in my future. I wish they would just mind their business. 

Anyone who attempts to dress up something that could harm your health or neglect your well-being is trying to trap you by working multiple angles to control your free will, which is very dangerous. These are not the kind of people you want to be close to. Many people will pretend to help you, but they have ulterior motives and are assisting you with hidden strings attached. Therefore, be very careful about whom you accept help from.

I think everything should have an allocated amount of weekly hours to it, but that doesn't mean that you can't have multiple lanes and do them well.

Their projection of being required to choose only one lane is a reflection of their own desires, so they're essentially saying that they themselves would love to quit *their own* jobs if they could.

Good for them, but that's not my problem. Maybe they should hire a career coach, but keep their projections away from me. 

I enjoy my work and have a disability that requires a more measured approach to life. It's crucial to understand that not everyone is suited for the stupidly high-risk path of immediate entrepreneurship (if at all), especially for people who have massive medical considerations and responsibilities.

We should teach people time management and how to balance ambition with responsibility.

The delusion that a full-time business is "better" and more productive shows a lack of priority setting and no clear vision, it doesn't need to be full-time to be functional in a very clear digital delivery-model. At all. Dump the toxic mentalities we are sold by mentally inflexible people who do not have to shoulder your burdens or the very real ramifications of your choices. 

I don't think that having multiple lanes stopped me from getting into Forbes/creating my online workout plans though and I've gotten the best brand sponsorships as well so it's kind of hard to believe that it's dimming my potential, of course it's slowing me down in a sense, but I love slow and steady (peaceful) growth.


***Having to run multiple lanes has been a blessing, it forces extreme innovation and efficiency... It also did not stop me from getting into Forbes so it's utter nonsense that we cannot do both... We can, just do not accept every deal. I wouldn't even if I could.***

I have multiple interests and I always have had multiple interests, it just makes me happy to be multifaceted, I don't see any issues with it as long as I'm respecting every lane and its dedicated focus/hours...

For those with specific health and financial responsibility needs, taking a more deliberate route is essential for basic survival.

I was also able to find something that have enough basic autonomy built-in, and other work-life balance factors that are essential to my sanity - without risking my ability to put food on the table with "entrepreneurship" that does not interest me full-time - at all. ✨ 

For those who are seeking entrepreneurship full-time eventually: 

We should teach young people to avoid taking reckless risks that could lead to financial ruin just to prove their faith to randoms who don't care about your survival and medical condition or health. 

This isn't about lacking faith in your abilities; it's about strategic common sense, protecting your wellness from needless anxiety, being realistic, and being responsible for your obligations. It’s incredibly difficult to make more money without a stable income at the base of it, so we should stop glamorizing irresponsibility (Law of Attraction only works if you already have income coming in as money isn't attracted to desperate people and the lack will put you into survival mode).

The common advice to "take risks and step out of your comfort zone" can be especially harmful to gullible individuals who might not fully understand the implications. ūüö©

Logical people recognize that this type of advice is often overhyped and impractical.

You could spend 25 hours a week on a digital business or you could spend 5 hours a week on a digital business, but your results are actually based on your strategy and your ability to use automations to your advantage, it has nothing to do with the total time spent, but the correct things focussed on. And if you're burning your hours doing absolute nonsensical work that doesn't move the needle, you're not going to benefit for more hours.

For those with disabilities, maintaining health is a survival requirement, not a comfort zone. You don’t owe anyone proof of your capabilities, especially when those individuals don’t have your best interests at heart.

Such advice often comes with ulterior motives and can lead to financial struggle and debt, without teaching essential skills like time management.

***Pushing people to do things they don't want to by saying they need to step out of their comfort zone is a hidden control tactic. Free will isn't linked to comfort zones. Why assume you can make decisions for another autonomous individual? Why assume you even know what their medical condition entails? If they resist your unwanted (supposedly caring, yet shady advice), finding new ways to influence their mind is manipulative.***

It's entirely possible to achieve success with a full-time job and a part-time business.

Success should not be measured by the leap to full-time entrepreneurship: anyone looking to impose a definition of success on you or others has hidden motives.

Be cautious about where you take advice from and trust your intuition, as there are many who might lead you astray.

In essence, building a side hustle while keeping your job is not only a viable option but often a more sensible one. It's about balancing your ambitions with your responsibilities, especially if you have additional considerations like a disability. 

Without a steady source of income, how do you exactly expect to attract more money from that desperate energy?

How do you expect to get a mortgage if you're looking to buy a house down the line? 

You really have to start thinking strategically and leave the gurus to dig their grave on their own with their irresponsible trash glamourized sad excuse for advice, it's a lot of fluff with no practical strategy on how to manage multiple commitments instead - which shows talent and the ability to be efficient in life. 

Some will try to downplay your business to make you want to beg and grovel for their approval via uprooting your life (their hidden agenda), I think they should grasp that they're not that significant unless you give them that power over your life: let the destiny thieves go! 

Remember, success comes in many forms, and maintaining stability while growing your business can be just as rewarding as any other path (especially for those who love their jobs).

Trust yourself, plan strategically, respect your financial stability goals, and don’t be swayed by misguided advice from intruders with ulterior motives and hidden agendas (anyone hellbent on making you drop your guard quickly needs to be questioned).

Anyone who has earned their place has every right to use their personal time as they wish, as long as it doesn't conflict with the main lane.

Maybe they're the unhappy ones: the ones who try to create, or make you risk ruin for yourself which is sick and irresponsible. 

What kind of person promotes needless struggle and hardship? Why don't they do risk their life savings if they have such a hate for supposed comfort zones and if they mean stability isn't the way to live: why don't they go play in new ventures and respect the decisions of people they don't own? 

Preserving your energy instead of over-exertion isn't lazy, limits are to be respected: it's not a comfort zone (the things that drain you and derail you from what makes you protected should be avoided).

Who promotes financial vulnerability? No one who deserves credibility, that's who. Never get tricked (duped or deceived) into taking losses you don't deserve to take.

We need to stop confusing self-awareness/limits with a comfort zone (and knowing exactly what we want is a gift). Yes, there are different ways to grow, and I've just been growing my wellness practices and realizing that everything else is naturally going to follow alignment. 

The conditions to my mental health are more important than what some random growth pushers want to promote as those same people don't live with the consequences of a permanent disability so frankly, I'm just not interested in what they have to say and I wish they would just mind their business.

Me knowing and respecting my limits is not fear of the unknown, it's actually self-awareness. I wish those talking out of their a**es would have more of it.

Perpetual overwhelm, disrespect for  and energy limits, and upheaval is not how I measure growth.

It's not about what anyone else wants for you or whether they want you to "win" or not...

It's about what God and you want for yourself (a stable base and a side-hustle that I run on my terms), not everyone is a relevant factor, they only have credence if you give that to them.

Choose your counsel wisely.

People have a right to reset their energy and recharge their batteries and create a life that allows for this (burnout prevention), we don't always have to be chasing and striving. The juice is not always worth the squeeze, especially when it's speculative ROI and disrupts rest.

If you need to be in a desperate situation (unless it happens without your own doing) to light a fire to pursue a hobby/dream/goal, okay cool... but usually, self-motivated people don’t need to be cornered into it, so why be irresponsible? some people have a fire under their rear in a very natural manner and don't need to be in desperate situation to make something happen. I'm pretty sure that you make better business decisions when you have a stable baseline as well and I'm not really worried about the grooves and what they have to say because they're just trying to sell you their courses.  

They want to convince you that stability is bad. Good luck purchasing your first home when you don't have a stable income though (for those who think you can't run multiple lanes when a business can be easily made digital and 1:1 client work is not a requirement in terms for format and service-delivery-model).

I love self-funding my startup actually. That's because I chose multiple lanes.  

I like both my lanes though. So I don't actually care what the vision-hijackers think or want from me. ‚õĒÔłŹ

Who would deliberately put themselves in a desperate situation and expect to make good business decisions? I think it's kind of insane to promote that people should leave their "comfort zone" and go chasing their next meal and take risks when you have no idea about their health situation.

There is really nothing wrong with knowing what you want and having a baseline of stability and anyone who looks down on that probably doesn't care if you are you able to cover your baseline and are able to feel happy because you have some stability, they genuinely don't care if you live or die, as long as you follow their sneaky agenda...They have an agenda that's for sure.

It's¬†also important to know that everyone is different and again, those promoting high risk and stupidity, why don't they go do that themselves? Why can't they promote multiple lanes and time management the smart and financially savvy way? ūüĎŹ

Why don't they just quit everything and go into business for themselves and see how it goes for them? Is the anxiety worth it? What type of rewards are they talking about exactly?

What do they mean by comfort zone? I'm pretty sure that stability and comfort zones are not the same thing because for some of us, they are disability requirements and I genuinely wish that limited thinking people came with a closed mouth. ‚ė†ÔłŹ

It's about choosing any lane you like or choosing multiple lanes and doing well at those lanes. It's about being engaged in your life. It's not about following the advice of random people or gurus who genuinely are not welcome to speak on your life. You never invited them to do so.

They may actually be very happy and there's no way that putting yourself in danger is ever any worth it or worth any kind of risk because you're implying that dangerous risk is more important than being responsible about it? Those are the kinds of people who don't want good things for you and they're actually deliberately making you put yourself in danger and trying to pressure you for that which is insane. They are not worried about you reaching your potential, they're worried about their own agenda because I think we get to choose what our potential is and the format or the remix through which we pursue it.

People have to learn to mind their business or else I will talk about it online.

A few digital products > more more more - to compromise quality and ability to maintain operations for the sake of those who are not able to grasp what a business entails and what goes into maintaining it at a baseline? No...

The algorithm of the Universe is energetic, *not* trying to be everywhere or doing things the way everyone else does.

They need to keep their control tactics far away from my two-lane approach to life, with which I am clearly happy. ūü™É

Ambition is measured how you choose, not what plays into anyone else's concealed agenda.

Belittlers are skilled con-artists who love to feign misunderstandings, but their projections onto others show how poorly they feel about themselves.

They may try to belittle your side-hustle and tell you that because it's not a bigger business or a full-time business that it's not that great, but these people don't even have one in their own name or the courage to expand their mind. They have a lot to say, but very little to back up their fake expertise on matters belonging exclusively in your own jurisdiction.

Never let inflexible minds convince you that two lanes of the right types are not possible or that you "have" to choose one, not at all. I don't entertain the projections of those who bring/brought absolutely nothing positive to my life, I wish they'd mind their own business.

Stable baselines are for sanity when you have a disability and enjoying it is a highly welcome bonus, you can go play with businesses/travel on the side as you please, but health comes first and nothing built-to-last is built on upheaval: go for financial prudence. I never built my business to leave my craft, I always liked having two lanes. 

Life is better when we mind our own business. 

There is a level of stress that comes with managing a *disability* in terms of everything we have to do most days just to be functional (living in 6 days a week due to a crash day, not a full 7): I want the remainder of my life to be fairly simplified. Remixed lanes work for me.

Pretty sure a side-hustle is already ambitious for someone with a disability…

Oh, and the concept of comfort zone actually is different from one person to the next.

There's always going to be someone thinking that you have a higher potential, but they have no idea what goes on in the background of a disability, which means they are kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of your life, and if they don't want to be told to mind their business, they shouldn't have the audacity to speak on issues that they don't know anything about. You don't have to spend your precious time defending and explaining yourself either, so if someone is encroaching on topics that have nothing to do with them, you have every right to end the conversation. There are far more dignified ways to connect.

Nosey is not curious, there are ways to be pleasant and personable: not intrusive and overly personal without a prior invitation to do so.

There's always going to be someone telling you that you're not doing enough or you should do more. Who cares.

It's not a comfort zone when someone refuses to do something that does not align with their boundaries, needs, or values. It's self-respect. Don't be manipulated by people with agendas who try to undermine your autonomy over your life's path.

I am not here to prove myself to anyone that I am in or not in my comfort zone - as that concept is measured differently from person to person, and nobody can define it for you.

If I did my business full-time as chasing your next meal is not it for me, I would not rest - period. Not healthy.

Stable base = longer-term progress > upheaval as adventure can be travel or a side-hustle. Momentum is not built when you start-stop constantly, at least not with a severe disability. My so called-traditional role has been the reason my ADHD is stabilized. I love stability with flexible hours which is where the "constant" change can stem from but only due to necessity due to ADHD and its baby insomnia.

I do what's best for me, which is my side-hustle in a sustainable format with my baseline.

Working with your wiring doesn't mean needing to put yourself in precarious situations, the right people and the right places actually understand Neurodiversity, thankfully.  

The functioning of my brain would not be possible without high-quality accommodations around neurodiversity. I wish this for everyone with a severe invisible disability. I'll always manage my side-hustle around my main lane: by choice as that's what suits my values.

I wouldn't be able to focus or function without knowing where my next meal was coming from and being in the workforce helps me feel like I'm contributing to society, higher quality of life: health is expensive, and my side-hustle is on the side and dormant when I feel like it.

People really don't think about coverage for when they get sick and people with disabilities are much more vulnerable so would it not make more sense to choose the stable path with a side-hustle? Enjoying the work is even better, but back to the basics please! ūüĒ•

Where's their "little" side-hustle? Oh wait, they have none so what qualifies them to attack my fun? A lack of self-love - it sounds like their stank attitude filled with projections enhances their self-hate. I handle this with a FT job, let's talk about their goals/charities?

My audience has been amazing and gracious in respecting how I do my content now instead of 1:1 coaching and they have shown love to my affiliate links and I am grateful. It's the people who have nothing going on in their life who attack go-getters. They're not willing to do the work - influencing is still a job - and they want to attack every single "flaw" and say you could do more... Which is a reflection of their own self-hate. The vulnerability of doing part of life publicly is worth all the waves / trailblazing though.

I don't need to be put in a trial by fire situation or backed into a corner to be motivated to work on my side-hustle once my working hours are done on my main lane so I disagree that people have to go "all in" to see a level of growth. I don't apologize for being self-driven.

I genuinely do not care what anyone who is a non-factor in my life believes about my multi-lane approach if it works for me as their opinions aren't my problem.  

You don't need entrepreneurship for reasonable earned/autonomy. ‚úÖ

ADHD is actually a gift when managed properly as it permits me to have a combination of paths in the right proportions for me (combo of stability and whatever-random-project-I-feel-like-when-I-feel-like (my business is based on innovation/AI/technology).

Measured approaches think long-term, value conscious decisions in a world obsessed with extremes.

The people who said my efforts towards my brand and the sacrifices I make in general to continue working both lanes (with a time-consuming disability that costs a full weekly crash day) would lead me nowhere/it's not worth it aren't anyone that I aspire to be so that's that.

I remix my lanes the way that suits me and I manage my business the way it suits my energy for consistent output so if you're looking to manage a business and tell someone how to run their business, please go start *your* own. Please don't waste my time and mental bandwidth.

Money is oxygen, let's not deny that it gives you options and options make you happy and in control of your life. Money also buys health...