Turbo-Charge Your Nutrition/Fitness


One-Time Game Plan Strategy Mini-Program:

• Discovery e-mail:

E-mail your goals/issues/pain points to info@selfloveandfitness.com, if it is a fit, we do not conduct a discovery call: we move straight to the assessment questionnaire (discovery email) and then book the Zoom consultation (we can tell by the assessment what needs to happen, so we are streamlining the steps and making it operationally sustainable and time efficient).

If we learn that the issue is medical or requires specialized attention from a different practitioner, you'll be referred to other resources. 

• Medical screening form:

Once intake is over and we establish a mutual fit, you will receive a medical history questionnaire to cover all our bases... because we look at it from every angle and we will weave in medical considerations into the workout and nutrition recommendations, then, we move to the actual consultation itself. We simply can't make any 1:1 recommendations without medical history based on the rules of the profession, but also common sense as why do this at all if it isn't detailed. Your health is precious to us.

• The consultation:

Fitness and nutrition consultation on a weeknight evening EST (60-75 minutes).

• Fitness plan:

Post-consultation, you'll choose a 5-week fitness plan from our existing collection (your choice which one fits you best). The plan will include recommended "adaptations" if there's a need as your physical capacity/pre-existing conditions that may lead to injury must be taken into account. If a movement doesn't fit, it gets swapped or deleted (correct form doesn't change the fact that some movements may exacerbate existing issues). All plans include audio, video, and written "how-to" guidance.

• Nutrition recommendations:

Then, you get macronutrient ranges that are customized to your unique biomechanics/written nutritional guidance that is personalized (built-from-scratch) for you to keep delivered after the consultation (customized principles that will help you long-term). If you do not want to look into macronutrients, alternative methods will be shared with you, as we get that there is no one-size-fits-all.

• E-mail access to a coach for the 5-week workout plan duration. Additional calls aren't included in the pricing.

• Goals can include diet change, learning macronutrient counting, accountability, toning up, muscle gain, fat loss, increasing athletic performance, marathon training, and so on. 

• This service may be renewable based on practice's capacity limits.

• The business operates 100% remotely, you must be OK with this before signing on. 

• Pricing for this mini-program varies based on complexity, starts at $410 CAD + taxes for total package, valued at over $750 CAD as the consultation alone is worth over $150 CAD per hour, the creation of custom recommendations and any additional research is also part of the game which influences pricing due to the cost of labour that goes into customization.

This is not generic nonsense you could find online. This is tailored precision, but it comes at a cost. 

• The pricing is based on the high level of customization, you're here because Google cannot pin-point your exact needs and every "body" is different even with the same goals, but we can. The level of detailing is where the cost comes in. 

• Not needing the amenities doesn't change the price of a gym membership, so not needing the nutrition or the plan doesn't change the total cost of the program, the coach will just increase the focus on the part you need most.


• Post-program maintenance and e-mail access to a coach (diet reviews, nutrition consulting, adjusting workout plans): $75 monthly or more depending on complexity and labour-intensivity.

Renewing the original programming may be more cost-effective long-term; however, for operational sustainability, we can only support past clients at a cost.

Client love:

💙 "I was very impressed with Karisa's care and heart in helping come up with a sustainable plan that can actually #FitInMyLife. Thank you!" - Bobby Umar, TEDx Speaker

💙 "Karisa is very knowledgeable about nutrition. Not only were her recommendations tailored to my specific needs and preferences, they were easy enough to follow that they would be sustainable in the long run. When interacting with Karisa, her genuine passion for nutrition and wellness definitely shines through!" - Sandy

💙 "I approached Karisa to discuss options for a month's work of workout plans. I'm a relatively active individual, but the impacts of the pandemic meant that I needed to adapt how I meet my daily activity goals. Karisa took the time to learn about my fitness goals and developed an excellent program for me that incorporated almost all of my home equipment while ensuring Karisa is a high-energy person who will support you in achieving your goals, regardless of what they are - big or small." - Austin