Trim The Fat

Trim The Fat

People who are happy with their chosen path in life are never going to try to control your life or knock you off yours or even try to indirectly destroy your health conditions to achieve their end goal aka your demise: be careful who you let near you, test the spirit. Remove toxic BS.

You choose what parts and segments of your life are off-limits and it is fine to differentiate online vs. IRL... Don't tell just anybody your plans, too many identity thieves and monitoring spirits waiting to see you fail: true colours are always duly noted: cut them off.

Love all, trust FEW.

People who see you as a whole person will encourage your wellness, personal space, and boundaries... The rest aren't worth your time, energy, or being a factor in your life. Wish them well and raise your energetic frequency so they can see their way out of your precious life.

It's never appropriate to presume entitlement to another person's secure and private mental or living space. It's unacceptable to pressure them to destroy their boundaries. I don't go home or to the gym to socialize; my mental recharge time is essential for my well-being. I am not manipulating, lying, infringing, or taking anything from another person when I protect the conditions to my ongoing survival. 

It would be unhinged to expect you to spend time you do not have so make it known that it's your choice what you allow in your life.