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I am Karisa Karmali, a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and the Founder of Self-Love and Fitness. It is an online store and a coaching program. 

This brand was built as a mechanism for me to channel adversity into something positive.

I channeled a lot of anxiety from my childhood into building myself up as a teen and young adult. Being a recipient of the Youth Social Entrepreneur Award from Algonquin College for Community and Social Responsibility (2011), I figured I would continue with my ventures and that someday I will inspire others with difficult upbringings.

Building my own business is also a huge part of ensuring that I can be in a position to give back to the community. I wholeheartedly support the Just One Person scholarship for Youth in Care, because I was one.

A bit more about the brand story:

Aside from inspiring driven people to make themselves a priority and maintain a strong mind through a strong body, there is a lot more behind it.

My coaching program has the mindset and resilience-building piece as a core principle, why?

Using my anxiety reframe methods daily, I know powerful ways to cultivate resilience. 

Back to how I use reframes for myself...

This brand idea was born through surviving the emotional shock of a previous failed business partnership (more on that later). Strong shock absorbers (self-love and fitness for mental health) gave me endurance. This is the moment where this business idea was born, I was no longer going to wait for anyone to help me. I wanted something that I owned/created.

I have also been able to heal a huge portion of my childhood trauma through a strong self-love and fitness routine. I was put into foster care at age 4, so I never felt safe, wanted, or supported. I somehow knew early on how to use mindset. I learned how to fend for myself.

If I allowed the fact that I was in foster care at age 4 to dictate my future, I would not be working towards my vision daily.

It is about turning pain into power and creating our futures, rather than allowing circumstances to do so for us.

Something in me also told me that the abuse was not a statement of my worthiness as a person. I always knew that the reason behind the abuse was not my fault and I would not need to be around it forever. I knew I could create my own future. It took me a lot to even write this out loud, but the point is, if I survived it, so can other people.

There is light at the end of the tunnel even though I had to light it up myself. I am grateful for the people in my life now who are safe and whose values truly and deeply match mine, my self-love/fitness rituals that uplift me, and what the right coach who truly "got me" did for my healing/total mental transformation.

Now for the business side, I also know the power of fitness for its ability to help me make better business decisions overall. I have revived failing stores via teaching my staff the power of mindset and self-motivation. This resulted in rapidly increased sales. This all came from the athletic concept of grit and performance that trains mental endurance and instills tirelessness.

Improving my athletic performance has worked wonders for me and benefited all areas of my life.

My specialty? Helping driven and busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders. 

Being a busy professional myself, I have maintained my results throughout the years.

I help a few clients at a time (due to my obsession for hyper-customization) cut through the nonsense and get straight to a methodical way of managing their fitness and nutrition from an athletic performance "level-up" standpoint.  

In order to work with us, you don't need to be training for a championship, you just need to have an existing base of fitness experience and want to level up.

Welcome to your highest level of athletic ambition...

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- KARISA KARMALI, Certified Nutrition Coach & Certified Personal Trainer