Just because we could do this or that doesn't mean we can or have to and truly, the ADHD medication installed previously non-existent brakes in my brain so that I don't drive myself to total mayhem ever again.

Grateful beyond words.

It's not about downgrading my dreams to match my limits, it's about changing my "methods" to match my limits.

My business model is fully digital thankfully - which does not require physical presence at a certain time or apts at a certain time which means that if I crash tomorrow, I haven't dishonoured my commitments:

I can just do the work after I'm done crashing (in a different order). 

It's been non-stop confirmation from the Universe that focused scope and focused business works for me (that can be scaled down without impact on credibility and timely delivery of work) via Forbes, Adobe partnership, Kate Sommerville affiliate work, and via doing more wholesale work to scale while respecting my wiring. 

Seeing it as a fire-starter rather than a fire-stopper and re-learning "how" to work and how to "stop" when tired and draw some lines for myself (anything in existence on my plate takes bandwidth and I over-do things) has been a game-changer that is having me chase what I want.

Not being desperate for the wrong deals, ability to be choosey, and the innovation at the onset (strategies around scheduling and time management) are the top benefits of having multiple lanes which make any sacrifice absolutely worth it.

Without "peace" in one's schedule or processing time or emotional sorting time, ADHD or not, business decisions in alignment with short and long-term goals are nearly impossible so quality connections over quantity as quality brings quantum leaps and clutter brings nonsense.

I restrict my availability to core work (bottom line work) to enable the ability to drop streams at any point without harming the business and maintaining a good amount of productivity... Cherishing time off and refusing over-commitment is also a strategy I am starting to grasp.