Go Use Someone Else

Go Use Someone Else

Your "zone of focus" is full mental presence (being captivated by the task or moment at hand) similar mind-to-muscle connection when training, this is the time where you mentally recharge / aren't expected to be "on" or "performing" especially if too much socializing drains you.

You can be neutral with demons, but please save your kindness and words for people who won't use it against you as soon as the opportunity arises. Be smart in this life.

Who would want you worn down and tired? Only people who want to take from you and use you despite having made it abundantly clear that you protect your gym and home time from intruders. Not everyone recharges the same way! You don't owe consideration to those who are literally disrespecting you and trying to dominate your will in your own life even if they do it in a sneaky manner.

Respect neurodiversity and find other means of entertainment.

Not at my detriment as I am simply being responsible for my own life as a grown adult and others should be capable of doing the same.

My limited mental energy outside of multiple jobs a disability won't be spent on people who think they can claim me as their property with no boundaries and priorities of their own and delay, distract, and stress me out.

You do not delay strangers or command their energy like some sort of God lol. Added distraction for no reason is a one way ticket outta my life and a hard stop, I do not let anyone waste my time twice, cause deliberate delays like it's normal to disrespect people's punctuality as if we have nowhere to go, distractions, or otherwise orchestrate unwanted set-ups that I certainly won't fall prey to: life is precious.

NO ONE is going to try to ask people to force their way into my life, I am happy with my small circle.

I do not take a liking to "arranged" connections, mind your business or it will backfire.

Please mind your business and seek immediate help for your obsession with my life.

OF COURSE choosing multiple jobs and the near-full-time commitment of managing a severe disability will limit time and timing for a social circle which I keep small for practicality reasons, it's not my responsibility to explain this to anyone, I own who I am and I run with it.

Studies show that I don't need a high quantity of low quality fake people concealed as "friends" around me to be happy and that introverts love a small circle and "community" is who we choose, not convenience or proximity.

I think introverts should be watched closely because they're weird and function differently, someone call the personality police and get these weirdos checked, they hate everyone and they're lonely? Do we see how unhinged this sounds when said out loud? Mind your business.

Quiet time allows introverts to rest, reflect, and regain their inner equilibrium. It's a way for them to recharge their batteries and restore their mental energy, which is essential for their well-being and ability to function optimally and so we have a right to use amenities and spaces in peace, as long as we are considerate and bother no one. 

You can love the right people and have a limited social battery... And run your business your way especially with a disability and not tolerate un-founded distractions to your consecutive recharge time for your mental health which is a personal responsibility and not taking from or infringing in anyone because people aren't property you can lay claim on edpeically when no logical ties exist.

People have free will as to who they let into *their* life and who they share their information with, problems with the concept of people having basic freedom and autonomy isn't something I have patience or tolerance for. I simply don't put up with that.

NOPE! ⛔️

I choose.

Neutrality is for all, kindness is for people who come correct. Never act like my time is owed if you're not actually someone I have any real busuness dealing with in the first place, my short attention span is my responsibility to manage with care and my boundaries will not be mocked.