Inner Beast Launched!

Inner Beast Launched!

I am not most people, so I don't crumble like most people. I thought that was clear by now. I may cry, I may throw up, but I won't be dormant for too long!

All they did was ignite my inner beast and create a walking storm, in the best possible way.

Any delay is being repaid by an exponential inner fire that the most creative stumbling block creators (online identity thieves or other stupid attempts) can't destroy, I am genuinely flattered that stopping me was their mission in life! Reality check, IT DIDN'T WORK.

I did not even know that I had this level of stress tolerance before, this is cool. I enjoy it. Bring it on.

You can't be weak-minded and allow any form of attack or spiritual warfare to sway you from your goals because then: where in life are you going to go where there are no insecure/immature individuals who try to break others down? They are everywhere. You build mental fortitude.

I am so surprised at my level of overall tolerance for the insanity that has been going on for over a year, and I am so proud of myself because now I KNOW my power. Thank you to the gremlins who contributed to my emotional level-up, you are so appreciated.

Yes, I cried about it, but I got right back up.

In comes down to ensuring that inconsequential fools remain inconsequential in terms of the effect that they have on what's important to you in your life and obviously engaging in heavy self-protection from every angle but all in all, I'm really proud of myself.

If I would have crumbled over identity theft, slander, and being attacked from every angle including IRL, it would have meant I wasn't ready for mental expansion/what my future holds, but I am ready as I've ever been, bring it!

Your business and your overall intelligence brought towards your craft is not going to expand if you're easily taken down. Obviously, you should respect your limits, but I mean overall strength needs to be tested in order to be validated and built back up even stronger.

I really don't think anything is going to be able to knock me off my path at this point. They're going to knock themselves out trying to knock me out.

Not even a scratch on my health throughout all of this, because these were the mental muscles that were under-developed before. I am just irked that I had to waste my time and that of many others to clean it up.

I am not interested in "apologies" from anyone who took control of my phone remotely or sent third-parties my way, you've wasted enough of my time, all I want is for them to not contact me and live a good/healed life where they manage their controlling/ownership-over tendencies.

“Respect your haters, they’re the only ones who think you’re better than them.” – Nicki Minaj