Oxygen Recharge Zones

Oxygen Recharge Zones

Private time "off the clock" means you care about your health first, above business/work so that you can function. Anyone mad they can't take advantage of your time off or designated private time to try and gain access to that time that is yours alone is a user. Appreciating the business that pays you is shown during business hours. 

I'm not in business development mode 24/7 and I don't view everything as a networking opportunity, I view my personal time as a guardrail to mentally recharge so that I can show up during my business hours fully refreshed (less is more, quality over quantity).

We are all worthy of a business that doesn't follow us home and just because we're passionate does not mean that we have to be available during our time off, and that's one of the values I hold dear, my brand has boundaries. They should ask themselves why they think that a person with a disability and limited hours owes them anything on their personal time in the first place? 

The business has a cap because my personal time isn't a category available for business deals or networking : it has a lane and by staying in its lane, I get to work long-term / survive, this is so basic that I am shocked at my previous idiocy around enforcing stopping points.

My brand has boundaries, and if a boundary gets punished or belittled, that's not a sign that you shouldn't have boundaries, that's a sign that those people are not for you and don't respect you or your time. 🔥

Confidently focusing on your priorities isn't comparing, infringing, looking down on, or acting better than: it's a time management tactic (self-worth is honouring your time off and disabling access to you on that precious disconnect time from your business/talking shop).

No one's mind needs to be "on" 24/7 and not being accessible on your me-time or personal time doesn't mean you hate your clients or business, it means you are recharging so as to preserve mental presence because rest is a physiological imperative and part of the human condition.

You'll be able to switch off properly when you're putting fences around capacity limits.  

You don't owe apologies for your health needs. Everyone has them! If it doesn't fit the segments of your life where you're actually available, it probably means you don't have time for it.

✨ I will not have my focus put back on my business during my carved out time to manage my disability:


Time to disconnect and recharge is the bare minimum. I finally have understood this. ✨

The right people will respect your ability to show up online as the limit of your availability while running businesses (your way) and a disability... and if that's not good enough for them, they can go find someone thirsty for the approval of those who don't matter and don't resonate or find someone stupid to use and take advantage of, it won't be you.

People who are mad about this are essentially saying that they do not care about your wellness, they just want something from you and they don't care if you go into the red zone/deplete the time dedicated to your health while they take advantage of your time. Why would you want that in your life?

My business and craft get my undivided attention during those designated hours, but my personal obligations get my undivided attention during my time off and I'm not going to be available during that time to prove my care passion for my craft/business/audience to no one.

Personal time is not to be bothered and it is to be respected. Anyone who doesn't respect your wellbeing and consecutive recharge time isn't a loss!

You can't offer energy or time that's not in your budget, so do what you can.

The "so you don't care about your business" (if you expect to not be bothered on time off) mentality is a manipulative way to make you neglect yourself and basic functional needs to prove yourself to someone looking to take advantage.

It's not "just a job" because I expect my time off to be reliable, guaranteed, and consecutive. The MORE I love my business, the MORE I put into my health. Breaks are a human need. Breaks are normal.

It may be my business, but I sure has heck don't work on *my* personal time and it is designated off-limits, I am more than happy to shed any deadweight who has an issue with it. I am not an opportunity, I am a person with needs to heal, recharge, and be in my "zone" when needed. 💯

Work on work time, recharge on recharge time.

Efficiency is not impersonal, it actually is personable as it respects the right to disconnect through the systematic organization of workflows and leverages automation to make sure we have lives. Love it. I love my own brand but not enough to give up my sleep, I put health 1st.

If my disconnect time from my business and my refusal to be bothered during that time is seen as uncaring or unkind, that's a bullet dodged and not a person or deal I would be able to tolerate working with. 

I am at a place in life where the good opinion/approval of anyone who feels entitled to use my personal time for business-related gain (their own gain) isn't someone I want future dealings with as it's a 100% online business with 100% online access due to my disability (I am uninterested in people who do not respect my time). Get with it or kindly remove thyself from my auric field and find someone else to bleed dry. 💯

Having an online platform means I am available online and those who respect my time will understand that personal time makes me a private citizen going about my daily life without my mind put back on business. That's genuine people who respect the limits of my availability and what I am able to do within my capacity limits. I am recharging on private time which enables creativity when "on" business hours to show up for the clients who pay me.

I have no interest in managing the perceptions of people who undermine my humanity and whole-person-with-a-life outside of influencer work type ish.

Genuine people are inspired by the manner in which I can show up and we leave it at that.

Those I inspire are more than capable of doing their own research but are having their ideas "sparked" by how I manage my own wellness, I started a personal brand for time freedom and owning my boundaries inspires others to do the same.

If others are always "on", cool, but that's not me.

Why would anyone apologize for not having time for something? That's like apologizing for having your priorities straight.  

I have found my rhythm. I view success as:
Health first
Time freedom (to a reasonable degree, the flexibility is only to be allocated to insomnia, self-care, not additional work from other business)
My baseline needs met
Using my startup to fundraise 

If I want more revenue, I get contractors to profit-share with, it absolutely won't be me who does the work that someone else is able to handle and has the skills for, I am there to do Founder work, not employee work, I am no longer interested in working "in" it, only "on" it.

Also, anything anyone wants to learn from me can be gathered from my extensive list of press articles and blog posts which is how I show up 1-to-many. But no, my time-off which guards my mental presence for when "on" and capacity limits won't suffer due to anyone not respecting my private time and humanity.

Be fair, neutral, and just to all, but preserve kindness for those who show it to you as you're not to run on empty to prove anything to anyone as authentic connections respect the limits of your methods of showing up and that will be more than enough for them. 💙

My quality of life is still higher with working 2 lanes, despite all of the effort that goes into managing my disability.