Standing or physical jobs involve prolonged periods of being on one's feet or engaging in physical activity and while these activities can promote endurance and general conditioning, they differ significantly from targeted muscle exertion and dedicated exercise regimens designed to build muscle mass and strength.

Withinin a few days of first meeting me without having had any interactions with me prior,  someone lacking sense/knowledge persecuted my exercise routine (which I did on my own personal time) and social media posts about it, suggesting that if I returned to retail that I wouldn't need to work out as much (silly solution instead of just addressing their own insecurities which shows their lack of personal growth).

However, this individual lacks expertise in this field (if only running their mouth counted as exercise, maybe they would not have to gossip as much to make their miserable selves feel better).

While I can't address their self-esteem issues, I can certainly provide education in this area and hope to inspire them to mind their business.

1. Lack of Specificity: Standing or physical jobs generally involve repetitive movements or staying upright for extended periods without necessarily engaging in exercises that specifically target particular muscle groups. Real muscle-building exercises often focus on targeted movements that stress and stimulate muscles to grow.

2. Intensity and Resistance: Actual exercise, such as weightlifting or resistance training, involves varying degrees of intensity and resistance that challenge muscles to adapt and grow stronger. Standing or physical jobs might involve movement, but they often lack the intensity and resistance required for significant muscle growth and development.

3. Progressive Overload: Effective muscle-building exercises follow the principle of progressive overload, where the workload gradually increases over time. Jobs that involve standing or physical labor may not provide the progressive increase in resistance necessary to continually challenge muscles for growth.

4. Recovery and Rest: Muscle growth requires adequate recovery and rest periods, which might not be optimally provided by constantly standing or engaging in physical work throughout the day. Dedicated exercise allows for structured recovery periods, which are crucial for muscle repair and growth.

5. Specific Muscle Targeting: Certain exercises isolate and target specific muscle groups, promoting their development and strength. Standing or physical jobs may engage multiple muscle groups but might not effectively target them for maximal growth.

While standing or physical jobs can contribute to overall conditioning and burn calories, they typically do not encompass the focused muscle exertion required for significant muscle growth and strength development.

Engaging in purposeful exercise routines, such as resistance training or weightlifting, remains crucial for individuals seeking to build substantial muscle mass and strength.

Exercise also helps build self-esteem, which they desperately need because when grown adults see someone doing something that they love outside of their obligations (and it harms no one), they get out of the way and they mind their business.

In essence, exertion is required for gains both muscle-wise and self-esteem wise.

Why I am sharing that part?

Keep doing you, as you never know who you're inspiring and if you allow haters to stop you: they won. 

Never stop shining because someone or a group of people tries to make you responsible for their insecurities is the other moral of this story.

Do not let them burden you with their own trash.