Synergee Fixed Barbell Product Review

Synergee Fixed Barbell Product Review

In the middle of a focused lifting session, I am not a fan of changing plates around and dealing with that nonsense. When I bought my own Synergee Fixed Barbell and Synergee Weighted Curl Barl, I found the weight distribution to be even and stable, something we don't get from adjustable barbells.

No messing with plates and collars.

One bar, numerous exercise options.

Top exercise for these barbells:

*Please consult your health team before trying new exercises, this is for entertainment and educational purposes only and not a personalized recommendation.

Barbell Romanian deadlift:

  • Start by keeping your ribs pulled down and abs braced to avoid your lower back arching. 
  • As you lower the barbell (low enough, but not touching the floor), push your hips back to get a slight stretch in your hamstrings, keeping your knees bent slightly.
  • Allow the barbell to glide down close to your legs.  
  • Avoid arching your lower back throughout this movement.
  • Shoulders should not be leading the movement, your hip hinge and hamstrings should be doing the work, and your abs should be controlled as you do the movement, breathing in and out throughout.

These barbells also the perfect for accessory work for building strength for other movements, such as pull-ups, rowing, climbing, grappling, and developing upper body stabilizer muscles. 

What I also love is that the curves in the bar allow you to do more reps with less strain on your wrists and the standard knurl helps with no-slip grip. The 1.25” diameter bar sits nicely in your hands.

These bars are suitable for any new or experienced athlete.

Weights are available in 10lb intervals, starting at 10lb and going all the way up to 110lb. 

Looking to enhance your fitness game and make yourself a priority?

Synergee has the perfect equipment for your home gym.

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These specific barbells: