A permanent mental/learning disability doesn't get:

• Healed
• Overcome
• Moved past

It gets mitigated and managed with daily physiological health rituals and it gets leveraged in some cases. I do not understand, at all, how I was living before and it's a never again for me.

The right people won't want you to exhaust yourself because boundaries are not exploiting, harming, or taking anything from others: they protect your mental health and mental peace which is your responsibility and if they're not a dependent, they can't make impositions on you.

My happiness no longer depends on how others view me.  

I am genuinely and happily detached from anyone's perception of me at this stage and it is freeing. I do my best to fall in line with my own integrity and spiritual compass, but I am not here to manage opinions. 

Self-preservation is a personal responsibility and what you can vs. cannot do should simply be appreciated.

I am not here to walk on eggshells and I do not over-explain my lines anymore, especially to anyone who will take it out of context or be mad at the mere existence of protection around me from manipulation and so on.

Another thing that came to mind...

Not having an abundance of time for every single person that you know or just met does not mean you dislike them, and does not mean you're having a grudge against them, it literally means that you're protecting your responsibilities, and there is nothing wrong with that. Investing your time only in those closest to you makes the most sense.

For those you just met:

They could be a good person and you still may not have time for them and that's OK. I don't think they should be going around expecting everybody to have an abundance of time and making themselves central in the lives of people they just met.

If having my priorities straight and managing my disability makes me selfish, that's fine, I would love to know what such short-sighted and lazy-minded people are contributing to my household, securing my future, ensuring I am recharging my mental energy, or managing my bills though. No answer? That's what I thought. 

Not having time is not the same as dislike, but those are not the kind of people that you want in your life if that's how they're going to take it.

The takers and energy-thieves hate boundaries, oh well. Bullets dodged!

You can be as firm and polite as you want and some will still misconstrue your boundaries as disrespecting them, but you're actually just protecting yourself from expending what was not even owed to them to start off with.

Imagine someone who doesn't pay your bills being mad about your life not revolving around them? I don't want anybody but myself to be responsible for my future to be honest so it's not about the fact that I'm choosing to work and things like that, it's just about the fact that putting your boundaries in place is not infringing on or harming others, and the delusional one is the one who thinks that they are the person that the life of someone else whose bills they don't pay revolves around.

If having logistical constraints and time limitations, a.k.a. not having time for someone, or something is taken as personal dislike, I just I don't have the ability to explain myself further. We are not responsible for the reactions to our boundaries.

You cannot know everyone and you cannot do everything (and you cannot be all things to all people and grown adults respect time, mental energy, and timing).

The depth of the fire pit was "processing" / "refining" you so that what you went through helped you recognize when and where you must stop over-giving / shield yourself better to be a good steward of your resources on the way to your destiny, anointing, and palace (mentally).

Sleep helps creativity because I was completely not able to figure out something I have been struggling with until I napped, rest *is* how we show up to our commitments with mental presence, rather than as a sleep-walking zombie and this requires ruthless prioritization.