Return To Sender

Return To Sender

Returning negative energy into the Universe is not acceptable for the innocent people of the Collective.

So getting that shady energy off of you and asking for Divine Protection since you don't deserve that graveyard energy for no reason: it goes back to the sender naturally. 🪃

The concept of "return to sender" isn't wishing ill on others, where else do they expect it to bounce back onto except for themselves if they are trying to manipulate the lives of their target?

Hocus Pocus yourselves outta my free will, it's fun and games until karma won't let them go.

Good magic is manifesting in your own lane, bad magic is trying to control the free will of others. 

Is it not logical to be expected to easily and flawlessly handle what you dish out? It's an expectation that comes with the dishing out innately... If you can't uplift a person, leave them be, but do not mess around needlessly and expect a good prize to come from that. 

While there is no shortage of trolls on the Internet or otherwise who are mad at the life decisions that they made for themselves so they want people who made different decisions than them to struggle needlessly as it makes them feel better: they are going to get their karma.

Even interference by implying that something like redirection before you're ready is what is best for you when it isn't is a form of disgustingly trying to take what is yours from you out of pure hatred and envy within themselves, for example... And they'll try to act like they never said or did anything to make you not trust them (I had a whole gang of people take turns to try to redirect me so that it was hard to detect who was behind it and hard to prove a pattern, as mobs are very experienced at such low-vibrational tactics).

I have had a lot of haters in my life and I am not saying when or where this happened, so do not come at me if you're a decepticon and the shoe fits.

I don't recommend wishing ill on others, but I don't think there's anything wrong with the concept of the automatic "return to sender" concept in the Universe as those who interfere with what is rightfully yours, and what you have rightfully earned, are setting themselves up.