Seeing Beyond

Seeing Beyond

In order to have what someone else has, you would have to be willing to survive disaster, and one hell of a childhood sometimes.

Are you sure you want to be in their shoes or are you just seeing the shallow surface level, not looking at what it cost them?

Love your own lot, water it, be grateful for your own blessings.

And on the "no one who comes from your type of background usually amounts to anything" type of nonsense... 

I have never met anyone who comes from an imperfect childhood who isn't resourceful in their own way, but the opposite is true: some have a perfect childhood, yet they are lacking initiative and drive (they think it's the responsibility of others to get them anywhere in life and believe they are entitled to results they did not work and sweat for). They think it's the job of others to motivate them and it isn't.

Don't dish out what you can't take and see beyond the surface, it leads to a happier life than going around dishing out labels and judgements, do people have nothing better to do? I have to wonder why they feel a need to focus on other people's lives in a destructive manner in the first place, it raises a lot of questions.