In My Villain Era

In My Villain Era

The business model that you're able to afford running with your mental capacity and resource limitations, whatever those may be, disability or not, is more than enough for the right people and you don't need anybody in your life that doesn't respect your need for efficiency.

I don't even move my insomnia buffers for people I actually like, much less haters of healthy boundaries.

Your method of "showing up" and the limits of your availability (content and the digital products themselves) will be respected by those meant to resonate with you.

Everyone has a right to be mentally shut off during certain segments of their life because that is how they maintain their mental energy to make sure that their main commitments are actually taken care of and it's about quality and not quantity (which preserves mental clarity).

No one is "on" or in networking mode 24/7 or in "work mode" 24/7.

Embrace time to fully disconnect so you can properly recharge.

Switching your brain FULLY off as-needed is self-respect and being cognizant of your humanity, not a reflection of your like or dislike of your craft/business.

The more you self-care: the better your results and I am glad I finally learned this. I am not interested in speculative ROI and I find joy in missing out on mental clutter.

It is not possible to miss out on anything you don't have time for and recharging and aligning your energy brings the right things to you when you are in "on" time.

You won't have to go into energy or time debt for the right things. The conditions to your mental functioning, such as quiet time segments in your life, will be encouraged not encroached, by the right situations and people.

Not desperate to "belong" anymore, came home to myself and set criteria for what I allow in my life, I lose a full day to crash from ADHD so I have 6 not 7 days - this isn't rigidity, this is a basic mandatory health / survival requirement. It puts time into a new framework.

It is never about a slower pace of life, it's about having the chance to reset and having guaranteed time to actually rest. It's really that simple (full presence in each area of life, not always 50-50, but definitely resting being guaranteed especially if you are your own backup plan).

Own your enough-ness!