Daily Priority Planner By Self-Love and Fitness®

Daily Priority Planner By Self-Love and Fitness®

Stay organized, productive, and focused with our stylish Daily Priority Planner!

This sleek and compact 6x9-inch planner is designed to help you make the most of every day, whether you're a student, professional, busy parent, pet parent, business owner, and so on... We got you!

While this is not a cure for ADHD, I have it, and I initially created this template for myself (outside of my monthly calendar) to keep myself on track, so I wanted to share it with the world. I was tired of having different planners for different purposes and wanted to combine everything into one (but simplified).

Daily planning should not feel like a chore...

I did not find tracking water intake and mood sustainable, so I drilled it down to the simplified list of: schedule, gratitude, meal plan, priorities, and reminders. 

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Key Features:
- 120 pages
- Un-dated for flexibility (start anytime)
- Schedule section to track your daily agenda (and write your own timetable)
- Gratitude List to encourage a positive and abundance-focused mindset
- Meal Plan section for a balanced and efficient approach to your meals
- Priority List section to highlight your most important tasks
- Reminders section to keep track of important upcoming items

Our planner is perfect-bound for durability.

daily priority planner cover and interior


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