Weekend Productivity Habits That I Love

Weekend Productivity Habits That I Love

This is simply me sharing what works for me to inspire others who may be looking for weekend productivity tips.

Since time is limited, I put structure in place to keep myself on track.

Habit 1:

I write down a list of priorities, even if weekends are a little more relaxed, goals should be written (be it sales, self-care, home improvement, whatever it may be).

I am not saying to not take breaks or that I do not take breaks, but writing your goals down makes them promises, not simply vague ideas. Goals are promises I keep to myself.

If a goal is not “realistic”, I simply become more resourceful with finding more money / creating more time by batching tasks or being more efficient, but these methods only work if the goal is written.

When writing goals down, I figure out if these goals are resonating with me.

Writing down goals simply increases the likelihood of success even if the plan changes. Plans being changed down the line does not forgo the need for a clear plan, this saves mental bandwidth, another limited resource. Work that is not done on any given day will derail the next, and so on, the same applies to smaller goals.

Habit 2:

Fitness routines are great because we rely on discipline, not motivation. I treat fitness as a non-negotiable meeting with myself, that is usually my only time off from everything else.

Habit 3:

I plan ahead for meal prep and grocery shopping to reduce time spent on chores and to have more downtime between everything.

Tracker apps for macros like MyFitnessPal also help me.

Habit 4:

Gratitude for me is huge. I like to do my best to maintain perspective by focusing on what I did accomplish versus what I did not.

Although I feel very little need for major breaks from what I love, I still think that passion does not prevent the need for time off, so being organized ensures I get to mentally detach during my off time.