The Tactics of Discrediting: Why Integrity Matters

The Tactics of Discrediting: Why Integrity Matters

If you don't give anyone anything to speak up about, you wouldn't have to try so hard to silence or discredit them.  

Such campaigns are usually done by people who have to cover up their own mess.

When you poss a threat in any manner, you are a problem to some people. For instance, I know my door camera is causing problems to certain people with something to hide probably. That's not my problem though, I have a right to feel safe. It's a perfectly legal video-only camera. It's common area (there is no unit in front of mine) where there is no expectation of privacy either.

If they have to team up against you in any area of your life, it just goes to show how strong you are.

Common Tactics to Discredit:

Character Assassination:

Attacking the credibility of the person speaking up, questioning their motives, or highlighting their past mistakes to divert attention from the issue.


Making the person doubt their perception, memory, or sanity, thereby undermining their confidence and credibility. It can also mean sending third-parties to report on the target's daily activities and ways to send fake friends aka monitoring spirits to infiltrate their lives, convince them to follow a different path, and even hacking their WIFI or phone.

Bread-crumbs of "help" make the deceitful people harder to spot. I have some real ones thankfully, but still. 


Shifting the focus from the issue at hand to another topic to avoid addressing the concern directly.


Trying to coerce the target to take down their boundaries in a covert or overt manner.

Spreading Misinformation:

Disseminating false or misleading information to confuse the issue and discredit the person raising concerns.

Adhering to a high standard of integrity and respect and acceptance for boundaries (rather than making it mean anything about themselves as if they're even owed what they wanted from the target in the first place) fully negates the need for these time-wasting tactics. 

If someone is easily swayed by what they hear about me, please, by all means: believe the lies and continue to believe them on your way out of my life because you were never for me.

Using tactics to discredit those who speak up is a short-term solution that often backfires (their patterns do not like and their mask eventually slips and there are some good people with ethics that will back you up - at least that has been the case for me).