Snack Attack Survival Pack

Snack Attack Survival Pack

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Nutrition isn't about everything being perfect and from scratch or milking your own cows and catching fresh eggs from your backyard of chickens: it's about learning how to make the right choices in real-life situations (busy seasons, travel, restaurants, ordering the right type of takeout if necessary so on).

This is a list of swaps (not necessary adding things to on side of the snack to add protein for satiety, but straight replacements and swaps - and I didn't say perfectly healthy - but healthier than the regular versions so we are keeping it realistic for busy people):

- Popcorn instead of regular chips: Skinny Pop, Boom Chicka Pop, Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn

- Protein chips instead of regular chips: Quest Protein Chips, PopCorners Flex Protein Chips, Protes Protein Chips

- Healthier chip bags: Terra Chips, Bare Snacks, Popchips

- Dark chocolate: Lindt 70%+ Cocoa, Ghirardelli Intense Dark, Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate

- Unsalted almonds: Blue Diamond, Kirkland Signature, Emerald Natural

- Healthier beef jerky: Krave, Epic Bars, Country Archer

- Vegan beef jerky: Primal Spirit, Louisville Vegan Jerky, Beyond Meat Jerky

- Healthier trail mix: Sahale Snacks, Nature's Garden, Made in Nature

- Healthier candy: SmartSweets, Unreal Candy, Lily's Sweets

- Healthier fruit roll-ups: That's It Fruit Bars, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, Pure Organic Fruit Strips 

- Healthier fruit snacks: Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

- Healthier cookies: Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie, Simple Mills Cookies, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies

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