Your Limits Are Enough

Your Limits Are Enough

People with good intentions (aside from dependents) towards you will not intrude on your survival-wellness-quiet-disability-recharge time - even if it means less time for them, they'll encourage your oxygen mask and respect the limits of your availability in all areas of life. 💙

A hater laces sabotage and distraction with sweet words and cute explanations to conceal their foolishness, trust your instincts.

You can't know everyone and you can't do everything, expecting the impossible doesn't make any sense.

Weird conditions or not, no one who is "for" you will try to push against the conditions to your basic survival just because they want something from you, that's a red flag that they think they come before your wellness when you do not even owe them anything in the first place (they're not your child or dependent and if they're from the business realm of life, they are to stay within those hours and not make your private life more difficult to manage on top of a disability).

You're not to make apologies for not having unlimited time and you're not responsible for their reaction to normal boundaries either.

Oneness doesn't mean that people own other people (manipulative and controlling people will find different guises to do this though and try to sell you a dream/a community/or a fake friendship and so on), it simply means doing no harm... None of that means not having basic limits. You're not evil for guarding your responsibilities, most people who try to leech off others don't give back to humanity in the form of a charity, but love to eat off the harvest of others.

The right people will never require you to spend time you don't have to prove anything to them (if they're not a dependent or child especially), and that's how you know who is worth your time or not.  

Just like my gym time being entirely off-limits except for my own household, insomnia buffers will forever be a daily need which means: unless it's a necessary part of my functioning/survival, or the survival of my craft or business, it's an automatic "no." 

Enjoying what was in your capacity to do means that it doesn't matter what you're not able to do instead (due to trade-offs). It's not about what you're missing out on, because that's not even a factor in your enjoyment!

You have every right to gate-keep your time, especially if you already have a charity and offer plenty of content online. Nothing anyone knows is that unique, we probably found it online ourselves, resourcefulness > entitlement to disrupting the schedules of others.

It's kind of ridiculous to think that having something means you owe it or have the bandwidth to be "on" all the time for the taking, you earned what you have, they can too.

Do not let anyone take your time by force. ⛔

Online content is how we show up 1-to-many, not being able to do 1:1 is nothing for which to apologize. Good people who are not takers will respect the limits of your availability and not make it mean anything about you/them. 

For the entitled takers: try asking for resources, not time, you are not owed anyone stopping their life's operations to cater to you suddenly if it is at the cost of their schedule's peace, sanity, or baseline business operations. Acting like people with a charity don't do enough helping of others is rather odd. Acting like we even have spare time is also whack... 

I don't even do 1 on 1 with clients who purchase my workout plans (I have a disability to manage) so it's kind of interesting that randoms who pop out of the woodworks can't just be satisfied with the free content that I've already put a lot of work into creating / giving away.

You choose how to allocate your overflow (once your oxygen mask is on): it should never be at the expense of your own operations/household so anyone who has an issue with how much you give back, what you give back, how you show up (not 1:1, but online): is not your issue.