Don't Be A City Without Walls

Don't Be A City Without Walls

Values, not convenience, base mutual interest. Then, capacity to reciprocate matters. Strong and clear values will naturally edit people out of your life. I am here for purpose and alignment, not popularity. My principles guide me.

Have some filters. Walls are spam filters that allow in blessings and let out and keep out any garbage.

Do no evil and speak no evil doesn't mean letting just anyone into your life (even if everyone may have good in them), your goodness ratio is not measured by poor boundaries at all.

That's not the tell-tale sign of good or bad moral character. 

Walking in "love" doesn't necessarily mean anything but showing mercy/grace, but it doesn't mean giving "chances" to things and people who may not "fit" the new you or your life.

You don't have time to vet everyone so don't.