Weekend Recharge Routine

Weekend Recharge Routine

It's okay to take a break.

My definition of success includes standard hours on and standard hours off, except for exceptions, but this is my general rule to maintain balance.

Always being "on" dilutes service quality and decisions for your life and business. Give your work and your family the best of you, not what is left of you. The consequence of not having sacred and dedicated time-off the clock is that the competence slowly reduces, that is not what anyone wants.

Because EVERY MINUTE MATTERS, here are some of my hacks for truly mentally disconnecting from the hustle:

- Meditation.
- No alarm days, if possible.
- Face mask (GlamGlow or Charcoal mask followed by a moisturizing mask).
- Clean home before the weekend to enjoy the freshness = mental peace due to no clutter.
- Mental presence with who you are with, what you are doing.
- Intentionally carved-out recharge time. With an abundance mindset, one knows that one's work and business will be just fine even if time-off is taken and time "on" will be more high quality and efficient. It would not be fair to you to never be able to fully disconnect and have un-interrupted time-off. My favorite iPhone feature is Airplane mode. On weekends, no e-mails and very minimal side-hustle work with the exception of clients who have booked me ahead of time. 

Passion does not prevent burnout and health is always going to be my first priority. All else has to fit around that principle. I have a bubble around my self-care as breaks are called breaks for a reason. I do not do anything that requires brainpower, and I ensure that I do what makes me feel refreshed during those times.

I truly believe that people who respect you will fully respect the limits of your availability and understand that constantly having your attention placed back on work, when you are off is probably not sustainable long-term, even for me.

Exceptions should be exceptions, not the norm.

Happy weekend :).