Go Find Less

Go Find Less

As I come from nothing, and worked for everything I have, I really don't tolerate people stealing my hard work from me under any scheme or guise. 

🔥Concern with quality control and timely delivery of services and product will have you concerned about charging the correct prices as without adequate money, there is no quality control or employees on payroll, so tell me how this is a problem? Make it make sense.🔥

True materialism involves using people as tools (exploiting others), whereas requiring money for personal growth, health, safety, is not materialistic. Those who claim otherwise misunderstand genuine spirituality which is in how ethical/fair a person is, not in glamourizing lack.

Wanting to lack nothing is a form of self-respect because finances are part of your oxygen mask and personal responsibility to manage your household. 💯 

Knowing your worth and charging your worth is not the same as selling your soul for money / doing unethical things for / and with money. There's a major difference. It's also not the same as exploiting others for you to profit more either. Achieving it ethically is a non-issue.

***Building financial security isn't the same as flashing designer items, there is a very big distinction here! Money is a form of an oxygen mask, especially when your employment options are not as linear with a severe disability, so do not even think that wasting my time with lame excuses for trying to rob business owners is acceptable (taking their tine away from recovery for fruitless labour is sickening). I am not talking about genuine brand sponsorships here, I am talking about sneaky takers.***

Money is a TOOL as long as you obtain it ethically and do not abuse people with it. Leveraging it allows for mental sanity, peace, choices, charity, caring for loved ones, and time freedom.

If I saw a potential clients as $, I would work in areas I have no expertise in and that's not how this works, I stay in my zone of genius and then if I don't understand that client group, I hire experts, like dieticians for postpartum plans, for instance. I absolutely charge for my expertise, but I don't play in areas I have no business playing in either because that's not good for the well-being of the end user or client.

Do the people mad that we don't deplete our energy or cut into self-care time have their own fundraiser or no?

A business lesson I learned along the way in addition to everything else I shared:

"Trading" services is an operational nightmare, a massive time-suck, and triple the work (yay burnout and no receipts to show for tax write offs - um no thanks)... Connections that require over-exertion aren't real! At all. Genuine friends do not care if you say no and they do not demand explanations, you'd willingly provide one if you so choose.

My working hours as person with a disability are very limited so I don't accept labour from so-called friends. Friends should love you for who you are as a person, never give up your dignity for a connection - especially not a fake one. Smaller quantity of real ones outweighs quantity.

Pay people for their services and get paid for yours. Your service's aim is to make them successful at XYZ, so find people ready to invest in themselves and who respect your value and forget the rest. ⛔️

Just because I spent countless hours and sacrifices building something for myself doesn't mean that a fake "friend" gets to profit off of it without making any contributions aka paying full price unless I offer otherwise. I won't cut into my recharge time for no leech.

Charging reasonable $ for ethically delivered goods and services is valuing your time (and respecting your financial wellness and oxygen mask to remain responsible) which isn't the same as doing unethical things (doing literally anything, even illegal things) for a dollar or two at the expense of someone else. 

Confidently respecting your time isn't the same as doing or wishing evil on others, there's a major difference between self-respect and poor character so never let guilt-mongerers sway you.

I am very happy and satisfied with the ways in which I choose to give back to humanity and entitled people are not on my list. These same people don't do anything for humanity at all, but they want to snake their way into your life to eat off of your harvest, it's not happening.

A privately owned business (not offering public services, this is a "want" type brand) operates according to its chosen format and the disability of its founder, provided its online website adheres to web accessibility standards. Most influencers don't even include email access.

I'm transparent about what's included and what's not.

A business isn't an entertainment centre for random priorities at random times for random reasons, it's a vehicle for-profit and problem-solving. 

If something is "too expensive", there are free options on the Internet which do not involve robbing hardworking people of their time away from paid work, destroying their set-aside time for a health oxygen mask whether or not they have a disability and a fundraiser like I do, their financial wellness/security which is a survival need whether people live on their own or not, and robbing their efforts and hard-earned knowledge for problem-solving. 

Your energy is precious and if you're working hard despite a disability, it's not some random person who is going to come in and try to steal your time, energy, and resources which belong to the business you're actually in and your charity of choice: you're not available for leeches. You having something doesn't mean you have spare time in your budget to entertain the whims of a taker! 

If someone's restricted work hours are limited stemming from a disability (aka me), I hold no exception because if you "know" me, you will be billed just like anyone else. 

I can un-know you as quickly as you can blink, please head to the door if you think my business is a game.


If you want your contractors to be experts (and I do!): you need to pay well and in order to pay well you have to charge fair prices, you can't create jobs for other people and create infrastructure if you're going to undercharge (to appease people who mean you no good).

If someone wants complementary time/work, they may Google it. Nothing I know, aside from my certifications, was found outside the internet... 

These people shouldn't try claim what they haven't paid for.

Entrepreneurs bear the responsibility of handling pricing queries and serving paying customers (not ones who feign interest, but want free solutions), regardless of team size.

We have costs to cover regardless of how much we love it.

Our time is valuable, and we cannot entertain queries from individuals seeking free advice (common sense and basic insurance coverage limits as well).  

Why would I sacrifice the financial wellbeing of my company and my suppliers for people who think we do not matter in this equation and do not care for our financial wellness and value our scarce time? Absolutely not!

No withdrawals from your vision, without mutually aligned deposits, should be tolerated.

I also think that wasting the time of a disabled person is a sin. 

I am not going to allow anyone to slow down the growth of my business, and to slow down the reach of the impact (which requires resources). 

Never invest in speculative returns or zero returns.

It is unacceptable to imply that wanting something to show or in return for services or labour rendered is wanting too much or unrealistic, wasting people's and talent time is what's wildly immoral. 

God/the Universe rewards the focused and hardworking people who work with purpose, you reap what you sow and you have a right to your own rewards (not the rewards of others for those who try to steal the harvest of others while bringing absolutely nothing to the table).

Imagine working yourself into depletion for thieves who disrespect that impact and expansion do require money?

We don't have mental bandwidth to waste and we don't owe anyone anything who doesn't pay for it. One charity is sufficient. 

Such people have done absolutely nothing for you but give you headaches, but they feel entitled to your hard work? That's ridiculous. This type of entitled mentality is very dangerous.

We don't "owe" anyone our hard work or resources apart from our kids and dependents (and existing charity of choice as if that was not already enough - it is), no more people who think they're entitled to results they did not work for or services they did not pay for, they can go find less if they cannot afford it and stop trying to rob people of their time that could be spent on paid work to expand their business and make a bigger impact.

My knowledge is up for purchase, not to be stolen.

No one is bad/evil for securing their oxygen mask first for their baseline functioning, but the guilt-mongering/slanderous taker is the "rude" one for trying to impose or make demands on the time of others when these people aren't your kids or dependents (strangers, fake friends, or acquaintances).

Someone else having something doesn't take it away from another person, especially if they were putting the work and have earned it.

It is our right to gate-keep our time as if multiple lanes/health conditions/and so on was not enough... and there is no shortage of free knowledge on the Internet.

I am not going to have anybody come around me and spit on what I built from scratch (for a purpose), disrespect my time, fail to come correct, and devalue my brain's *limited* bandwidth or company operational constraints in any manner - for something they can Google rather than trying to step on my limited time off or limited business hours.

Self-reliance and working gives me life, it's cool if others want to depend on others out of preference or necessity, but I can't burn through my limited bandwidth on non-ROI producing drainages as any business owner with self-respect would refuse to do for stuff people can Google. 

My brand deals have been equally yoked and following the terms any brand deal or sponsorship should, so acquaintances or fake friends who think they're special or entitled to anything: they need to go. 

They need to come correct if they even want your attention from your limited attention span in the first place.    

If you walk into a store and something is too expensive, you would leave rather than steal... No one has a right to dump their resourcing issues on people who aren't responsible to and for them in the first place (this mindset shift makes you immune to the manipulations of leeches).

When I cannot afford something, I work harder - even with a disability with the intent to pay my contractors properly... You are responsible for your resourcing constraints, false strings of obligation that are unfounded is a trick and a lie.

Entrepreneurs can select the deals and clients they prefer (this is part of lifestyle freedom, a business should not be a prison where we work with clowns). 

I mean, you get what you invest and if you invest nothing, I suppose your ROI is going to be a whole lot of nothing, surprising? Nope. Reality is what it is. 

It's delusional to demand something for nothing, especially in business.

Undermining is unethical. 

I don't think that freeloaders understand how overhead costs work, so why would you put yourself in the minus for people like that? Why would you want to be around people who need such explanations anyway? Why would you jeopardize your financial wellness for someone like that? Do they pay your bills? Absolutely not.

Perhaps they like to depend on/leech off of others under a sense of contrived "community" (a fake group of fake people forced to use each other but with nothing to bring to the table as they scoff at the concept of reciprocity), but you don't have to follow suit, and they have no right to slow down your plans in life. They can go find people with disposable time, but yours is not.

Trying to steal from someone is abhorrent, and I strongly oppose working with individuals of that nature in the future. 

You do not need to cut into self-care and existing responsibilities or lower your goals in life to keep yourself at a level where it would facilitate a leech/parasite to chew off of you: thus hinder your progress and destroy your harvest where they've made no deposits (whether or not they can or can't, it's about you being worthy of reciprocity outside of dependents and charity work and they're not a match for you).

Your harvest is yours to own and protect as long as you achieved it via ethical means and any locust or harvest-thief who doesn't want to do their own work (like you did) is not entitled to anything that you worked for.

Charitable giving isn't the same as users/leeches/fakers. Focusing on genuine charities and people in/coming from dire/crisis situations rather than freeloaders (those who like to dump their responsibilities onto others) who can't be bothered to respect how much content we already give out. 💯 

Vultures don't care what burdens you're carrying in life or for your wellness, they just want your harvest and think they're a registered charity (greedy is expecting something for nothing) when they're not (not the same as genuine causes or people in need/people in crisis).

People in crisis and dire circumstances are far different than leeches who literally just want to take for their convenience at your expense without lifting a finger and try to hijack your harvest or fake friendships to infiltrate your life for the wrong reasons all for things they can Google for free (yet you're hustling with a disability and working hard so you can pay your contractors, leeches need to go).

Your table has no seats for anyone who has drilled holes in your boat subtly or not or pretended they were unaware when working against you, they don't need to be in your next chapter more than necessary if at all (vision-hijackers, non-registered-non-charities, underminers). ⛔️

Also, one-off deals have so much operational inefficiency (mental bandwidth drainage and context-switching for no reason) that you actually lose out on your main focus long-term and it's not worth it, no real equity can come from that and anyone who is offended by your refusal is probably of a door you do want to shut sooner rather than later. 

Voluntary charitable donations don't yield a return on investment (ROI) as charitable giving doesn't require reciprocity, but investing effort, problem-solving, or our utilizing limited work time despite having a disability should yield a return on investment as *labour* and *knowledge* work is not a free lunch despite what self-serving takers may try to tell you as you may otherwise burnout without replenishment and rest regardless of how much you love what you do (using guilt, the "bad person" narrative, and fear to trap you into their agenda). Boundaries are not bad, manipulation is bad. 

Seeking to use, exploit, demand, delay, undermine for personal gain at the expense of others' priorities and rights is what the users are doing, but your refusal to run on empty and honouring your neurodiversity is self-respect. 🔥

Being in healthy exchanges involves mutual benefit, so how does that get confused for "only doing something for personal gain" when business is a 2 way street naturally and a charity is a separate issue altogether? Personal gain is manipulating others for profit, while expecting replenishment is just fundamental basic self-respect.

Anyone who confuses the concept of self-respect with seeking personal gain is a manipulator who is mad that they could not exploit you (they're projecting like the low-consciousness haters they are).

Once again, the people who are genuinely selfish in this equation are the people trying to rob my charity that I'm feeding through this business.

I'm very authentic/upfront in identifying aligned deals from the beginning because I have extreme time limits and stressors due to my disability, if anyone calls that transactional: that tells me that they are just mad that they could not exploit my skills for free, cry me a river and remove yourself from my life if you think this type of false guilt-trip is going to sway me as I don't live to worship and please controlling people who do not care for all angles of my wellness (choosing to be self-reliant with a disability is a core personal value, that's not going to change).

We do not have unlimited time and business relationships are absolutely about efficiency (which can still be kind and personable, but we choose our own limits and we don't need to cut into personal time if we require health rituals to survive to prove anything to anyone who is using the wrong definition of caring and dedication or expecting us to have no life) because we need to use our business hours wisely, this is about protecting time off for wellness so that it doesn't spill over.

Efficiency is the acknowledgement that energy is not unlimited (we do this to protect our wellness) and so we do not invest in bottomless pits so being discerning about the deals we take is just self-respect.

You build professional/working relationships by doing the deal and doing it well, so by working together. During the hours allocated to work. Revolutionary, I know. It doesn't make it any less personable, but I can only respect those who respect my time (both on and off the clock).

The business has a cap because my personal time isn't a category available for business deals or networking : it has a lane and by staying in its lane, I get to work long-term / survive, this is so basic that I am shocked at my previous idiocy around enforcing stopping points.

If it doesn't fit the segments of your life where you're actually available, it probably means you don't have time for it and nobody has time for every single opportunity or what not. That's just how life works.

Doing what's truly yours to do during the allocated hours means you're able to get to your health management requirements on time (that's why my business has a limited scope of work). Efficiency is how you respect people's time for arriving to their wellness/health time on time.

Greedy is when they want to milk more out of you even at the expense of your oxygen mask, and they want you to kiss the crumbs, and be happy with the bare minimum in return for your maximum.

I don't allow my business to pollute my personal time, that's just how I roll. I expect my time for wellness to be unbothered and uninterrupted without notifications unless it's a dependent. Nothing infiltrates my gym time either which means I don't bring my business work with me during that alone/brain recharging from overstimulation aka quiet time. 

My business is about aligned clients and aligned (with resonance and timing) brand deals.

The designated work hours are the timing within which business relationships are built (when they respect the sanctity of your private life, obligations, and carved out health time), which also repels leeches who try to fake friendships to exploit you. You never owe your health. 

Non-reciprocation for anyone who isn't a dependent, from my household, or a chosen charity: that's a no for me.

No time for energy vampires and leeches acting like expecting replenishment is of terrible character when exploitation of people's hearts and energy is what's crass.

No one is entitled to the hard work, time, and harvest of others. Taking is the true definition of selfish, sky-high boundaries are basic self-preservation and harm no one. Don't let yourself be mentally manipulated by dark forces.

Some will act like you not setting your own household on fire to preserve theirs (at your expense) is somehow evil or horrific. Their lack of respect for boundaries is horrific. 🛡️

My friends don't get anything from me for free, so that's just not a way to go about infiltrating my hard work, I wouldn't even try that. It's ugly. It's unethical. And it's disgusting.

I think it's the people who don't get money by ethical means who think that other people are doing the same, no, it's just blood, sweat and tears, nothing to see here.

If anything dishonours what you're looking to build = it is a liability and a hazard. We do not tolerate distractions in this or any season.

Money does matter because because how can you focus on taking care of loved ones and future generations if you're not focussed on money? I'm really sorry, but you need money for health, you need money for security, and you need money for physical safety so you don't live in sketchy areas.

It's not personal, it's focus and purpose.