Avoid Con-Artists

Avoid Con-Artists

Investment returns based on speculation are trivial, and I refuse to complicate my life for individuals outside my household whom I don't owe anything to (love all, walk with few).

Any sacrifices I make for anything will be my own choice, not to fit into the manipulative guises of con-artists who act like they're the ticket to your future.

I won't elaborate on fundamental concepts for those pretending to be confused, as they're likely disguised manipulators. In such instances, it's better to establish boundaries through action (refusing to entertain nonsense) rather than explanation.

It's crucial to be wary of individuals who seek to manipulate or control your vision for their own benefit. These people often disguise their intentions behind persuasive words or false promises, aiming to steer your aspirations toward fulfilling their agenda rather than your own. Their motives may not align with your best interests, leading to a loss of autonomy and potential harm.

In stark contrast, seeking wise counsel involves actively seeking advice from trustworthy sources you respect and trust. Wise counsel is solicited, coming from individuals who genuinely care about your growth and well-being. They offer guidance based on experience, knowledge, and genuine concern, without imposing their desires or manipulating your decisions.

Distinguishing between these two is pivotal for personal growth and success. Being cautious of those attempting to control your vision safeguards your autonomy and authenticity, ensuring that your aspirations remain aligned with your values and ambitions. Seeking and heeding wise counsel, on the other hand, empowers you with valuable insights while respecting your autonomy and personal goals.

No matter how sly someone might be or how hard they push their fake vision/selling you a dream, they're attempting to prioritize their vision over your goals in *your* life. It's not acceptable to tolerate any devaluation or disrespect for your own life. No one should prioritize another person's goals over their own in their own life unless that person is a child/dependent. People act in ways that serve their best interests, so it's reasonable for you to do the same as owning your property lines doesn't infringe on anyone else's rights. 

Align yourself only with those who share mutual goals, as neglecting your current obligations for someone else's vision won't propel you forward, it will cause you burn out because you're taking on things that you simply don't have time for.

Respecting your own aspirations is crucial, and it doesn't need justification unless you're dealing with someone trying to manipulate you. You can care about something without having the time for it in your life. Selfish are the ones trying to push their agenda on others.

Self-sacrifice isn’t noble.

Even with the ROI potential, if it makes your life more complicated in the “now” and doesn't fit seamlessly with your existing commitments, then no. You cannot spend time you do not have in the first place, you must have it to give in the first place. Bandwidth matters. Forget people who act like you do not matter in your own life!

Control and interference can often masquerade as “help” when the intentions behind the offer of help are not genuine and undermine your autonomy over what belongs to you.

The right business deals will not invade your personal time off (basic wellness) or require over-exertion. It won't require sacrificing health, at all. Sacrificing aspects of anything important to you will not happen in healthy deals.

You are worth more than who owes you favours as if that was a healthy way to justify going into the red zone (it's irresponsible), and honestly the right people who are meant to align with you will align at the right time and so will the right opportunities.

You can't be "on" 24/7 so no matter the "potential" of an endeavour, priority-setting *is* about being fully okay with missing out. Oh well. We cannot do everything.

I wouldn't want to impress anybody who encourages irresponsibility towards current commitments by trying to be everywhere. Life is not about chasing acceptance or approval, it's about approving of yourself. That's self-love.

A troll/con-artist finds fulfillment, happiness, and enjoyment in assuming control and dominance over the lives, visions, and matters of others, which opposes the essence of humanity as dignity values and honors free will/autonomy/personal sovereignty.

I don't want future dealings with people who don't respect my time.

The kindness-at-your-own-expense narrative-pushers would not sing that song unless they were on the receiving end of the one-sided equation. Escaping reciprocity where it is the bare minimum is their M.O.

The lack of empathy isn't in the person who is guarding their mental health/peace, it's in the person trying to impose on others or create a false sense of toxic obligation where there is none.

Managing your time, health, and harvest isn't taking anything away from anyone else. 

Ensure that individuals unrelated to your vision and business creation don't influence or dictate the vision and its manifestation. A business is primarily self-expression for the owner, not of random people seeking self-important or those with hidden personal agendas.

If it doesn't fit the segments of your life where you're actually available (not hijacking basic health time and mental maintenance), it probably means you don't have time for it and nobody has time for every single opportunity or what not. That's just how life works. It's really to be expected. 

Grown (mentally mature) adults should comprehend schedule limits without any issues (we all have obligations).

How many people out there are still concerned about those who genuinely couldn't care less how deep into the red zone they go provided they get what they want from you? You do realize such people are not worried about your oxygen mask/survival and cutting into it? You're catering to them for what? You think their approval or connections are the key? No, your sound mind and health are. 

Without a guaranteed amount of daily rest, your body may shut down slowly but surely - disability or not: so run with a strategy that fits you - not out of laziness - but because health precedes business and you won't have any coping mechanisms for life without replenishing. 💙

Is the juice going to be worth the squeeze? Complexity can undermine baseline operations. Bigger is not always better! 

If someone dislikes you because you said “no” to spending time and energy you do not have and made it clear that moving a mental disability wheelchair is not how love is shown, thank goodness! You dodged a bullet.

You are not bound by anyone else's views, comprehension, or rejection of your identity or truth. You don't need to drain yourself begging for anyone's understanding, that's tiring just thinking about it. They heard you the first time. Do not water weeds, you'll get lost in the mud.

You don't exist to cater to any vision other than your own and those that align with your purpose/mission (not at your expense and not at the expense of your oxygen mask). Your life is yours to own. If someone has a problem with your dominion over your own life, you dodged a bullet! We are not called to everything, everyone, or every cause. We are called to choose wisely, trust our discernment, and invest in what is equally yoked/fertile soil.

You can be "in" something with both feet and have it be under the number of hours you can put in ... all while going insane on the efficiencies, practicality doesn't mean lacking commitment and intensity at all. We count commitment and focus, not hours. We all have obligations in life. Being responsible is not a lack of faith, we can carve a path that respects our wellness/own values. ✨✨✨

Be clear if your random act of kindness is laying the ground work to back someone into a corner, but then again, manipulators aren't very upfront so I rarely accept any "gift" when I feel something is off.

If someone tells me they can't do something or are overwhelmed, I don't feel a need to know their life story in order to back off, nor do I try to toy with their mind to "reframe" them into spending time they don't have, this is basic humanity and dignity.  

Giving kindness to bully-type people is like putting lipstick on a pig, it doesn't work and they will increase their underhanded tactics, they tend to only feel good when others go down (especially the credit-stealers and the ones who like to push their own responsibilities on others even if that can put them in precarious situations). 

Why would you think that any validation would ever from the people who challenge your full humanity and your right to healthy boundaries? Property lines are very basic, most people don't need explanations and the confusing spirits who act like they do are probably coming in with an agenda. 

Your independent thinking and authenticity will only bother or offend those with control issues and those who do not mean you well. Autonomy is a basic tenet of humanity. 

Not making anything more important than being mentally "off" on "off" time is wellness in action.

Anyone forcing themselves or forcing anything onto your personal time or life is a red flag. 

Humanity begins with autonomy over what you own (your space, your personal time, your mind), so while grace is needed within reason, ask yourself why you'd worry about what anyone who has attempted to override your free will thinks of you? Lines don't offend mature beings who view you as a person rather than as a means to their ends. You have every right to own yourself, this harms no one, but it will only bother people with agendas.

God is the key, not the wrong people.

Prioritizing yourself isn't selfish because you don't have an inherent obligation to anyone unless there's a dependent involved. When you prioritize yourself, you draw positive things towards your life. Those who try to control others, claiming that appeasing them the pathway to success (controlling the free will of others in matters of their own personal jurisdiction), are actually not leading you to success, but rather they are causing harm and contributing to your potential poor health - but not anymore because you know that not everyone qualifies to be in your life.

Healthy ventures do not require sacrificing your health in the process, at any point. They'll respect your expertise that you currently have (if you had no value, they would not be trying to gain something from you in the first place) and they won't make you feel inadequate like you need to undercut yourself to gain experience you already have or exposure which does not pay the bills. I loved working with Forbes and Adobe Express for this reason, I learned what mutually uplifting deals look like.

Who in their right mind would try to hijack your vision for your own life in favour of theirs at your expense like the MLM I almost accidentally signed with (and backed out because I read the fine-print)? That's a seriously warped way of doing life. No one is entitled to any parts of your being! 

Unless they're a dependent, no one is entitled to access to you, as long as you harm no one and send out love energy (some should be loved only from a distance, but you get me): you have the autonomy and free will/freedom to choose who gets a seat in your life. The *right* people will never demand or require you to exchange your purpose/vision for your life for theirs, both your vision's will fit with harmony (you complement one another, no one is self-sacrificing in reciprocal dealings).

Your journey is precious and deserves to be lived to the fullest, without being relegated to the sidelines for someone else's aspirations (especially if they're not even a dependent), by pursuing your own vision, you inadvertently inspire others which is more than enough (and a fundraiser on top of that, some of us really don't have time for distractions). It should be mutually uplifting because only those doing all the taking will act like lop-sided deals are okay, they would not accept receiving less if the roles were reversed.

Those kinds of people do not have a fundraiser nor do they have inspirational content that they provide to the world at no cost, yet they feel entitled to chew the time of others on their visions at the expense of yours (speculative ROI and delay are unacceptable, the visions of both parties should be uplifted at the exact same time in ways that are genuinely meeting a mutual need, without delay because mental bandwidth should not be taken from core obligations). 

Again, if it is not a registered charity of your choice, a dependent, and so on: it must bring you peace and be mutually up-lifting. You have *no* business disrespecting your vision or causing yourself delays in the name of speculative ROI or over-giving when you *already* give back more than enough already to the things of your choice (and you don't need to prove how much you already do to manipulators who may use reverse psychology to get you to cave in by insinuating that if you do not do XYZ then it means you're uncaring or this or that, by all means, let them run their mouth, and you can run free from such toxic tactics which I have only experienced in my dealings with people who had MLM-affiliations, I should have done my research but these types do not care if they exploit people or pay them unfairly to get ahead: I would prefer to take my time as long as everyone gets their cut of the deal as exploitation isn't in my belief system). They want to act like you're un-giving or un-caring because you refused to be exploited by a non-charity as if every start-up didn't have resource constraints! That's a fact of life, but imposing such burdens on others while selling them a dream or acting like the key to their success isn't acceptable. 

Let no one make you feel like you need to ride their conveyer belt of unrealistic expectations because you will lose your zest for life since you're moving into distractions rather than what aligns with your Universe-given or God-given purpose. You're not about to bow down to a fleshly connection who is an optional connection that you may be much better off without.

If someone consistently places you in compromising situations—where you're losing time, energy, money, and peace—they're not supporting you but exploiting you for their benefit. 

If it starts off unhealthy, it will end up that way, if it starts off healthy, it will end up that way.

Correctness over speed, real over fake.