Benefits of Side-Hustles You Own

Benefits of Side-Hustles You Own

Not only do you control your communication methods and you're working hours, if something starts to get out of control, instead of letting the pressure get to you, you could literally get rid of the streams that are causing time problems for you. This may be harder to do because of the emotional attachment that you might have towards your own brand but at least it's within your own control.   

1. Investing in Your Name/Brand:

By creating business processes to outsource tasks, you're building your own brand and reputation in the market. This investment can lead to long-term growth and recognition compared to working for someone else's brand - especially if you have an existing daily vision and a purpose in your heart (it's your responsibility to be a good steward of your time). 

Often, we think that because it's our brand that we should not take breaks and I'm the complete opposite, my brand has loud and proud boundaries, and I'm very public about this fact.

I have a disability, and I have only a few hours per week to run this whole thing so I'm going to be prioritizing the right things and then I will be guarding my time to disconnect outside of that.

2. Ownership and Control:

When you outsource tasks for your own business, you retain ownership and control over the operations, allowing you to shape the direction and "scale" of your enterprise according to your vision.

3. Building Passive Income Streams:

Developing efficient procedures and outsourcing tasks can lead to the generation of passive income streams. Once established, these systems could possibly continue to generate revenue with minimal ongoing effort and minimal switches to pull, providing potential financial stability and flexibility.

4. Scalability:

Creating business processes facilitates scalability, allowing you to expand your operations and potentially reach a larger audience. This scalability is often limited in traditional side-hustles where your growth is typically tied to the capacity of your own time and resources.

Leveraging media and innovation means that you don't necessarily have a cap on your potential earnings.

5. Diversification of Income:

By building your own business and outsourcing administrative tasks, you can diversify your income - even just temporarily if you have goals to achieve faster or fundraising goals (which is the main goal behind my own business).

This diversification enhances financial security and resilience against economic uncertainties as well (an added bonus).

Of course, diversifying your income doesn't mean you're not going to have to work upfront and make sure those income streams are producing, but it gives you added protection and securities for life's unpredictability.

You can always switch "off" those streams when tired and switch them back "on" when needed. I do not work on my business to the same degree constantly and I know when to rest.

5.1. Refusing Bad Deals:

Skills that are in-demand pay the bills/give you a sense of contributing to something useful. Then,
you have the self-funded freedom to side-hustle as you please (do not work for nothing, but at least you do not need to take sh*tty deals or bad clients: you choose).

6. Long-Term Sustainability: 

Investing in your own business and brand provides a path to long-term sustainability. Rather than relying on temporary side gigs or part-time jobs, building a solid foundation for your own side-business can lead to sustained success and fulfillment over time. 

I firmly believe that with a disability or any difference, there may be a target on your back in some situations so securing yourself from every angle is critical ammunition (even building a second set of skills to keep in your back pocket whether or not you need it now, it means you're less likely to be stuck without other options if you have a variety of skillsets even if you're not working in that field right this second). 

I understand it's difficult for freeloaders and opportunists to grasp that I value self-sufficiency, but that's who I am and the legacy I intend to leave. I'm prepared to make sacrifices as I pursue my goals independently.

I love my current set-up; however, I am simply protecting my future and being proactive. I knew I was different my whole life, so I started to prepare accordingly even if there is no immediate threat because I deserve my own protection and part of self-care is financial security (for me, it's about self-reliance).

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