Be Authentic, Be Be Authentic!

Be Authentic, Be Be Authentic!

My definition of fun is lifting weights, reading, and drinking tea. I was not put on Earth to succumb to changing my core values to appease the indignations of the difference-intolerances of random people.

My circle is extremely small because I have a disability on top of managing two lanes and I make no apologies for that. I'm not obligated to anybody for any connection that I am not interested in or have no mental energy for.

Aside from dependents or my own household, solitude is required for me to fill my own cup first before I can create overflow for others (I practice what I preach: self-love) and quiet time is how I connect with my inner being for inspired, rather than, unfocused action.

I also separate business from personal time because I don't want to be working 24/7. I know, how horrific is that? Ha, I don't care.

My worthiness is innate, I don't care who sees it or doesn't, most people I have had to deal with were only connected to me circumstantially as I wouldn't choose them out of a crowd or even look their way if I had a choice which tells you how little their appraisal of me means. 

I work on my flaws, but my essence doesn't change. I am me.

As I become "more" of myself, I inspire others to be BOLD.