We Don't Owe Anyone Taking On Extra Overwhelm

We Don't Owe Anyone Taking On Extra Overwhelm

People have a right to reset their energy and recharge their batteries and create a life that allows for this (burnout prevention), we don't always have to be chasing and striving. The juice is not always worth the squeeze, especially when it's speculative ROI and disrupts rest.

We don't need a reason defend keeping our businesses manageable and lean to fit various life circumstances. 

We don't owe taking on anyone else's vision ahead of our own.

If the roles were reversed, they would not do the same for us, they just want a convenient conveyer belt of givers who don't mind depletion. Those kinds of people are best avoided and cut off entirely if feasible.

We need to understand that it's OK to not live in a perpetual state of overwhelm to fit someone else's definition of success or to do whatever at our own expense when they're not offering reciprocal deals and basic replenishment (especially if the prospect project is not a registered charity and think that having kids entitles them to other people's time when some of us have similarly difficult disabilities and no time for entitled toxicity). I dodged a bullet with that shady project with demonic vibes on the same level as the MLM quick-fix schemes.

I always ask for business proposals upfront over email because if they don't want to do that, it means they're trying to corner you and sell you on the spot on the phone so that's another strategy you could pick up whether you have ADHD or not. It could also be too "new" and if they don't have it together yet and you're not in the business of consulting, well, no thanks. No one is responsible to foot your bill or carry your load in life. People aren't receptacles for other people's responsibilities.  

This goes without saying, it doesn't matter how much you love what you do because you need rest on various levels on a daily basis that is guaranteed and anyone who doesn't respect that is probably not the right partnership fit for you.

Anyone who doesn't mind you being overwhelmed and compromising your basic mental functioning is probably going to be a nightmare to work with so it's best to dodge those bullets early.