Protect Your Joy and Growth

Protect Your Joy and Growth

In the journey of self-improvement and happiness, you’ll inevitably encounter people who can’t seem to stay in their jurisdiction and mind their own business.

These individuals often harbour negative feelings (bitterness) towards others who are growing, getting stronger, or simply pursuing what makes them happy. It's crucial to recognize these patterns and understand why you should steer clear of such toxic influences. 

The Downside of Unsolicited Opinions:

People who constantly intrude on your life and offer unsolicited advice about your weightlifting routine or other passions aren’t doing so out of a genuine desire to help.

More often than not, they’re driven by envy and insecurity. They see your growth and happiness as a threat to their own sense of worth (they are emotionally immature and have no personal boundaries so they make how others live mean something about themselves). As a result, they feel compelled to undermine your efforts to bring you down to their level.

The Joy Killers: Why They Target You:

These individuals will go out of their way to discourage you. They might criticize your commitment to weightlifting, mock the things that bring you joy, or belittle your achievements. Their actions are not born from misunderstanding but from a deep-seated inability to tolerate seeing someone else live their best life. By attempting to drag you down, they seek to alleviate their own feelings of inadequacy.

If someone tries to get in the way of your oxygen source or anything for that matter that negatively impacts you, whether or not they comprehend what they're doing, you don't need a second experience with someone who is actually a hinderance and not as helpful as they want to think that they are.

Whatever such people have against you is from within them, never take ownership for someone else's self-hatred.

Anyone who has tried to cause destruction in your life indirectly or directly should not be welcome in your life further it's really that simple. If they're not from your household or an actual obligatory relationship, why would you put yourself through mayhem for optional connections that actually are not even required in your life, like you don't need these people as much as they want you to think they do.

The Disguised Discourager: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Destiny Thieves and Ambition Killers):

One of the most dangerous aspects of these individuals is their ability to disguise themselves as friends. They may initially appear supportive, but their true intentions reveal themselves over time. By winning your trust, they gain the opportunity to infiltrate your life and subtly sabotage your progress. Their “advice” is often laced with negativity, designed to veer you off course and make you question your path.

Trust Your Instincts: Your Happiness is Your Right:

You are not responsible for managing other people’s insecurities. If someone has an issue with how you live your life, that's their problem, not yours. Your happiness, growth, and ambitions are yours to protect. Those who try to dim your light or derail your ambitions are simply obstacles in your journey, and you don’t owe them a place in your life.

The Power of Strong Boundaries:

Setting firm boundaries is essential when dealing with these types of people (if it's even a real requirement). Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from anyone who consistently tries to undermine your joy. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who celebrate your successes and encourage your growth. Your well-being and happiness should always be your top priority.

Shine Bright and Unapologetically:

In essence, staying away from people who can’t stay in their jurisdiction and mind their business is crucial for your mental and emotional well-being.

Some of us have suffered enough to allow anyone outside our own household to dictate anything about our lives or how we define happiness! Why would we forgo living our most joyful life for hateful and bitter people?

These individuals will hate to see you grow and thrive, and they will do everything in their power to put you down (directly or indirectly). Recognize their behaviour for what it is—an attempt to bring you down to their level—and refuse to let them succeed.

Your right to shine and pursue your passions is non-negotiable.

Embrace your journey with confidence, and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

No one is forcing anyone to watch the people they supposedly can't stand, but no one is going to trick me out of my best life.