Sneakily Weaponizing Self-Protection: Why It's Not Selfish

Sneakily Weaponizing Self-Protection: Why It's Not Selfish

In a world where self-care is increasingly emphasized, it's vital to address the toxic behaviour of those who weaponize self-protection.

Imagine not needing to know everything about a person or about a situation in order to respect the boundary at hand? šŸ˜±

These individuals, often manipulative and self-serving, have a knack for turning the tables, labeling your self-preservation efforts as selfish or terrible using highly emotional language.

However, it's crucial to recognize this tactic for what it truly is: a disregard for your well-being, energy limits, and a manipulation of your boundaries (they will even go as far as quoting unproven facts to try to twist your unique needs and how you manage your health time to suit the agenda of the day). They'll find an issue with how you do your own thing and tune in with the factors unique to you because they have an agenda to wear you down.

For instance, it doesn't matter if other people like to recharge around others or invite people to the gym with them and don't mind being bothered and distracted whereas you like to quietly use the amenities and go home, so the kind of people who try to impose themselves on you are completely disregarding that your needs are different and unique, they should just go find people who are similar to them, it's really that simple especially if your social life is outside of that realm andĀ you have a limited social battery for the people of your choosing, not the people that others try to impose on you.

SomeĀ of these people will try to send people your way as informants so that they can get information on you, especially if they're no longer in your life and want dirt.Ā The only consistent aspect of this people is their knack for manipulating people behind the scenes and causing chaos. They're also subtle in how they try to knock people down or off their earned blessings by insinuating you choose a different path as if they're an expert on your internal guidance.Ā 

They will make sure you do not get what you want or deserve because they hate to see others happy, this includes attacking wellness requirements underhandedly (this is something many miserable people have done throughout my life as they themselves are unhappy and hate restorative happiness for others since if they're unhappy - they cannot stand to see others happy and it's super unhinged).

It'sĀ going to be hard to know who I'm talking about because I have dealt with miserable people for at least 10 to 15 years of my life at various places and spaces. If the shoe fits, I'm actually not sorry.Ā 

Another example that is less about how miserable people operate but how truly selfish self-serving people operate is those who will call influencers selfish for choosing not to be available on private time that is a requirement for their own sanity, and mentally recharging because otherwise, they can't function during their working hours are people who are opportunistic leeches and they don't respect the boundaries of people only being available through their content or other designated times, but their personal time belongs to them because they are humans with actual rights and personal priorities.

Toxic people view others not as individuals with needs and boundaries, but as mere instruments to fulfill their desires at the expense of their prey. When you assert your boundaries, they perceive it as a threat to their agenda. They fail to acknowledge that you're simply safeguarding what rightfully belongs to you ā€“ your time, energy, and attention.

Moreover, these individuals show a blatant disregard for your life and obligations. They are blind to the fact that your responsibilities extend beyond catering to their whims. Instead, they see you solely as a means to an end, viewing your boundaries as obstacles to their objectives.

Furthermore, toxic individuals are adept at recruiting others to punish you on their behalf or resort to underhanded methods to silence you.

Remaining silent is the optimal reaction when confronted by individuals eagerly anticipating the opportunity to manipulate information against you. Given their propensity to react unfavorably to boundaries, engaging with such individuals would be futile. Their desire for your attention is evident, masquerading under the guise of remorse, yet their manipulation of your boundaries underscores their potential danger, necessitating self-protection.

They thrive on control and manipulation, unwilling to accept anything that deviates from their agenda that they wish to impose on autonomous beings (they dehumanize by objectifying people as tools to use and play with, they disregard free will and autonomy).

It's crucial to avoid individuals who manipulate your boundaries to suit their own agenda. They'll distort your words and play the victim when confronted. Dealing with such people is safest through silence and keeping a distance, as they pose a threat. šŸš©šŸš©šŸš©

It's essential to understand that prioritizing your well-being is not selfish; it's self-preservation. You are simplyĀ being a responsible adult, and making sure that you're ongoing survival is protected for your baseline functioning, especially with the disability, which doubt they would surviveĀ because all they are good at running is their mouth, they don't have many other skills.

You have every right to protect yourself from individuals who seek to exploit you for personal gain. Setting boundaries is an act of self-respect and self-care, not a display of selfishness.

In conclusion, don't succumb to the guilt-tripping tactics of toxic individuals who weaponize self-protection. Stand firm in asserting your boundaries and prioritize your mental and emotional health. Surround yourself with individuals who respect and support your self-care efforts, rather than those who seek to undermine them.

The conditions to your well-being areĀ non-negotiable, and anyone who fails to recognize that doesn't deserve a place in your life.