Taking Action

Taking Action

The Law of Attraction sometimes forgets to mention that action is required and nothing happens by accident.

Can we please get real, goals will not be achieved solely by chanting mantras as the sole activity to propel achievement (although I have nothing against mantras). I love the Law of Attraction, but not all of its concepts should be taken literally.

Dreams and goals do not show up on your doorstep just by visualizing and feeling worthy alone, the accomplishment of goals and dreams actually requires more than feeling good and pretending to already have what you want. 

The hustle is real! You must do something DAILY to move the needle, but of course, stay in alignment and use your intuition to discern which opportunities to give your attention to.

Up-skill, read, attend webinars, plant a seed every day and become more capable. Pray for creative ideas and inspired actions to come to mind as inspiration on what to do next, but the idea that belief alone will make things happen is a bit less than ideal.

While vision boards are useful, project plans are even better.