Mini-Program: Fitness and Nutrition Consulting

Virtual (online) consulting (game-plan sessions) are now available!

For operational efficiency, client-practitioner fit is assessed through this questionnaire (we can't handle medical issues by prescribing lemon water for instance, so before booking : we need this form filled out), then we go straight to diet review. 

Pricing includes:
A. One virtual nutrition consulting session and specific macronutrient calculations

Review of a full week of your eating patterns

B. One virtual fitness / workout plan (5 week plan).
* This is not traditional personal training where the trainer works out with you, it is a fully built program designed to get you results and it includes video instruction. 

* Email-only support is available for the duration of the entire 5-week workout plan.

This is right for people with the following goals:

Muscle tone/building

Getting back on track with diet and fitness

Levelling up athletically

Major fat loss goals

Changing their diet using macronutrient tracking

Discovery call:

Book a 20-minute no-obligation discovery call over Zoom prior to enrolling (evenings - EST time zone).

To request your Zoom discovery call, please reach out to - the discovery call is designed to see if our offerings are the right fit for you.

Bookings are subject to availability. Pricing starts at $350 for the total mini-program.

Good to know:

*All consulting is done over Zoom during evenings EST time zone, so this would not be traditional personal training session, but a game-plan consulting session with take-aways.

*Consulting clients get access to our online workout plans.

*We serve clients virtually in Canada/US. No in-person sessions.