Online Fitness Brand Ambassador/Fitness Influencer

Online Fitness Brand Ambassador/Fitness Influencer (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing program structure:

Your audience would be given a discount code (affiliate code):

YourName10 for 10% off, and this code is also how we would track your sales and pay you commission every month. 

Only online fitness plans are eligible for commission.

This is the link to the collection in question: 

Fitness equipment is not eligible for commission/discounts. 

Marketing materials: 

We we give you all marketing materials through Google Drive and as long as you use key words and key hashtags, feel free to put your own twist on it.

The only thing that is off-limits is offering any fitness advice through the post or when talking about the plan. Please do not give advice even if you're a fitness pro (as this isn't what this role entails and that is outside the scope/can be a liability for us)... 1 on 1 fitness advice (not even just a question) cannot happen outside a client-practitioner contract anyway (there's nothing kind about doing that, it's basically irresponsible and un-necessary and well outside the scope of this affiliate role). 

You would be a listing of the features and the benefits of the product (workout plans in this case) like any sales representative would, so it's an affiliate marketing role with a sales twist, you can speak about the benefits of the product, but not tell people how to use the product or how to exercise.

Wording must be inspirational and fun, but nothing that insinuates that results are guaranteed. 

You would simply re-direct specific program questions to this website.

Your only job is promoting how much you love it, taking workout selfies, and documenting your passion for fitness.

Frequency of posts/videos:

The more you post, the more potential you can reach, but don't be overdoing it - one or two well-crafted posts per week should be enough.

Who you are:

You're self-driven and you love fitness for the passion of it, not just the results.

You're autonomous and confident... The affiliate marketer/influencer/brand ambassador must be okay with working independently and using email as the primary method of contact for questions.

Please don't expect any meetings or trainings, this is all online like any other affiliate program.

We know this is one of the many things you have on your plate among many other things you are balancing in life and we won't ask you to sacrifice the basics of your wellness for the sake of a brand pep rally, we are about efficiency. No nonsense.

In essence, your personal time is for your personal goals, so carve out ~1 hour a week for this max, the quality of the post matters more than frequency! 

I enjoy my business and still have a “do not disturb” feature on my phone because it secures my recharge time so no, we don't have unrealistic expectations. Passion for something/enjoyment doesn’t mean 24/7. In fact, the more we care about quality/our craft, the more we respect our off-time. 

We don't expect non-owners holders to make our company their whole life.

If your sales are consistently outstanding, we will offer you a higher commission rate. 


Once accepted as an affiliate, you get a code for a complimentary of one 5-week workout plan so you're able to promote something you've actually tried.


Preference is given to candidates with a fitness-related Youtube channel. 

An Instagram account and/or a Twitter account is also a must (one or the other).

Small/new creators are welcome, quality of content matters more than quantity of following.

Posting requirements:

Initially (one-time):

1. One video outlining your love for the plan you tried and how it either helped you get back on track or level up (so once you're done with trying the plan, you'd be willing to make one promotional video).


2. Multiple posts whenever you want:

The rest of the promotions are done via posts which will mostly be templated with our hashtags and your creative twists can be put on it for sure.

Only restriction:

Other than not offering any fitness advice, you must not be part of an exploitative fake scam called an MLM. We cannot associate our brand to those with poor ethics and garbage gremlins.

How to apply:

E-mail only (DM's are not checked): listing your Youtube, Insta, Twitter accounts and a few words about why you love fitness.