Terms and Conditions

We like to be upfront about our terms and conditions to make sure it's in alignment with everyone involved.

Email support:

What is covered by the pricing of these plans is email support. This is a 100% remote business.

Video form correction: 

Video form correction may available for an additional fee (pre-recorded), but this is not guaranteed. If you've having issues with an exercise, it's best to swap it or drop it.

Past clients:

General questions (those not requiring a deep dive into diet or current workout routines) are welcome via email for up to one year after the last plan was purchased.

Email support expires after one year for insurance / liability reasons.


Prices are subject to change without notice, there are no retroactive discounts/refunds if you purchase the product at a higher price in the past.

Exercise guidelines:

Aesthetics aren't worth if if the movement is not comfortable for you. Please adjust the movement or eliminate it if it causes excess muscle pain, it's likely not due to form.