Spiritual Discernment: Trust Your Instincts and Protect Your Space

Spiritual Discernment: Trust Your Instincts and Protect Your Space

In our journey through life, we often encounter individuals who may not align with our values or have evil intentions (as shown through their auric field and energies).

Sometimes, we get a feeling—an intuitive sense that something is off. This is spiritual discernment. It's an inner knowing that doesn't require tangible evidence to recognize bad vibes or people who might disrupt our peace or are simply opportunistic in some way and view you as convenient prey as a vulture would.

Caution Isn’t Paranoia:

It's crucial to understand that caution is not paranoia. It's about protecting what we value most: our space, time, energy, and heart. Love is an energy we should share with all, but trust is something we extend to few, and we allow even fewer into our inner circle. This isn't merely about logistical limitations; it’s about testing the spirit to detect any malevolence.

The Masks of Deception:

People who try to force their way into your life, demanding personal information or more of your time when you are clearly too busy or uninterested, often have ulterior motives. These individuals might be envious of the joy you have worked hard to cultivate. They might appear friendly, but their ultimate goal could be to distract and derail you.

An envious enemy will not reveal their true intentions because deception is their modus operandi. They will attempt to distract you, to pull you away from your path (misery loves company and they have nothing to lose and clearly, not much to do).

The Value of Selectiveness and Discernment:

Being selective and discerning is often mislabeled as paranoia by those who would benefit from you having no defenses. These individuals are typically upset because they couldn't manipulate you. Your selectiveness acts as a spam filter, and it's perfectly okay if it frustrates those with ill intentions.

Trust Your Instincts:

I've experienced firsthand the importance of trusting my instincts. For example, I once refused to engage with someone who later assaulted another person in my neighborhood within the same week. My instincts proved to be spot-on, and I will continue to trust them. These instincts, honed from my experiences, are a valuable tool for navigating life and upholding my dignified human right to autonomously choose with whom I share my information. I do not take a liking to home and gym intruders so that is a bad strategy.

Living Your Life Your Way:

If someone cannot undermine your integrity, they might resort to fabricating falsehoods about you. It's essential to live your life authentically and on your terms. The same people who label wellness and self-care as selfish are often the ones who do not understand the challenges you face and do not care as long as they can leech off of you, such as living with a severe disability and working two jobs.

Respect and Trust:

People who truly respect you will understand that trust is earned and should not be given freely. They will appreciate that trust develops gradually as actions consistently match words. This approach makes you incredibly difficult to manipulate.

Guard Your Energy:

Your energy is valuable and addictive. People who cannot take "no" for an answer often have ulterior motives, possibly sent by negative influences because it's not normal to have such insistence to form unwanted connections regardless of how good your energy is - that shows that these skunks have an agenda. They aim to break into your life, gather information, and report back to those who wish you harm.

Protect Your Business and Personal Life:

I share what I feel is necessary with my audience, but I am mindful not to divulge everything about my life or business to those not directly involved. This is my choice and my right. Anyone who enters my business space must respect my boundaries and, if necessary, sign a nondisclosure agreement. Dignity and respect are non-negotiable, and anyone who values you will understand and respect this.

In a world filled with various energies and intentions, spiritual discernment is a powerful tool. Trust your instincts, protect your space, and remember that being cautious is not paranoia. It’s about valuing and safeguarding your peace, joy, and well-being. You are worthy of basic self-preservation from needless vulnerability as evil does exist.

I view handling demons with agendas as a side-hustle / a science project. Thank you so much for making me so much sharper instinctively and inspiring me to increase my security game whether it's online or IRL. They've increased my spiritual discernment as well. But don't cry when karma hits, you had fun attempting to play with my mental capacity so when you lose yours, do not be surprised.

Trying to cloud my Google search results with salacious content (taking my name and identity) was supposed to make me stop building a personal brand and gaining more and more influence for rising above stumbling blocks and inspiring fellow disabled ADHD people? How about NO you demonic sick and twisted envious piles of human parasitic trash? I know how they masked their IP addresses and it's hard to hide their grimy hands for too long.

You have to be careful when you choose to target someone that has access to every single media source in Canada and the United-States and could potentially put you on blast, but is choosing not to name names because they have integrity. Karma will handle every one of them.

If I built a brand from the ground up in the middle of a pandemic on a part-time basis, did these twits think that posting salacious content with my name on it on Google search results was going to stop me from continuing? Do you have any idea how strong I am? No, obviously not.

You can't beat someone who has a "return to sender" auric field of protection.

People like that are not sorry, they're just sorry that they're going to get caught or that their own life will fall apart because of my "strong return to sender" auric field of protection that they will not be able to to take down regardless of what they try.

It’s not morally wrong to have a different way of thinking or functioning, but it is morally wrong to deliberately disturb the peace of others who are different. Acting as if you are in charge of the lives of others or god-like is reprehensible and karmic forces are coming to manage justice without me lifting a finger.

In the end...

Be you 100% because some will fabricate dirt if they can't find it. Might as well be true to your quiet nature (if that's who you are).