Why I Am This Way

Why I Am This Way

When I was told that there was a possibility that I could never work again if I kept burning out, I immediately started making health the centre of my life and it has been working. I have restructured my business out of caution and my entire life around my ADHD crashes. 🙏

And frankly... Digital is better than not at all if what I am doing is selling results and knowledge anyway.

I am happy as long as I can eventually meet my foster care fundraising donation.

ADHD weekly crash day adds quality to whatever time I have left for living because I am not carrying sleep debt, which is an incurable side effect of the disability. I replenish it weekly, thankfully. Otherwise compound interest digs me a hole of sleep deprivation/burnout.

More time can't fix a lack of direction and even massive teams aren't doing everything unless you want a storm. More time doesn't add more value, innovation does. That's why I don't see any less momentum with my reduced hours in my business lane. I see more actually.

Working at high velocity accordingly to my wiring increases my quality of life even if I may have less time for normal things, at least I'm happier in the process and that's pretty good for someone with a disability.

I work strict hours and solely on what moves the needle because nothing works if I am not rested first. ✅

You're going to have a target on your back if you're different. Own it. It's not like you're harming others, wishing ill on them, or rejoicing in other people's misfortunes: you're just - weird. Be you. Your gifts will make room, but make it known that you're not going to allow anyone to waste your time twice. 

Moving accordingly is taking the lessons - and managing accordingly - what else would be expected? You need to believe people the first time and not let anybody waste your time twice if you want to go anywhere in this world.