You being "you" may be taken as thinking you're "better" than others, but the question is why do they feel they should be central in your life when they clearly do not respect your free will over your own personal time expenditures?

Is it difficult to comprehend that people have logistical and schedule constraints and how is a personal time boundary of my own about anyone else?

See, unless they're in your household or existing circle, there's no real genuine depth in what they know about you.

No one sees the full snapshot of your life unless they're inside your head and heart.


Follow the vision or its remix or variation that God/the Universe gave you. Not someone else, God/the Universe.

You have every right to follow your own values and standards as long as you're not harming anybody in the process as you will not be understood by everyone and that is the beauty of uniqueness. This is what I'm talking about when I talk about authenticity and being an integrity with yourself because life is not to be lived in the imprisonment of pleasing and appeasing, that's impossible as you cannot control the filters of others, and it can create anxiety within you if you try to conform to other people's thoughts and opinions because it changes every single day (like the weather forecast). 

You have to be yourself and then align with the right situations and people from an empowered place. It really is that simple, I'm not saying that you shouldn't work on your flaws but that is different than someone else being uncomfortable with you being yourself or disliking you because you bring out their insecurities (you merely being different can bring out all sorts of nonsense misdirected at you). 

Not pursuing your hobbies and passions, the things that you enjoy on your own time and things like that because someone you barely know feels that it makes them look bad/feel inadequate is a death sentence for your soul. Preserve time for replenishment, good people encourage it. Now, go be offended at your own life, ask yourself why you care, and leave alone those who are just minding their business.

All I'm saying is that you do not have to suffer just because anyone else wants to be in control of your life (because something makes them look bad, no one asked them to compare themselves) when they are not God, and they have absolutely no authority over the way that you are your fullest expression... as long as you are not harming others: their insecurities are not your issue and do not let this stuff poison your spirit and kill your soul because you will end up spiritless and un-fulfilled. A death sentence for your soul when appeasing anyone isn't the key to success, health, and happiness in the first place?

Health is going to shield you from any attack and needless vulnerability, the illusion that appeasement is even required is what is going to bury you alive and render you lifeless (no one has any right to kill the positive mission of another free-willed human being).

It's odd to think anyone can create in someone else's reality. The locus of control is within our own lives...

Shrinking your fullest expression is silencing your soul, you're not responsible for anyone else's understanding of you so long as you harm no one and live with fairness. Do not shrink yourself!

Your life's aim isn't about being comprehensible or understood (exhausting and their filters aren't your problem or within your control); rather, it could revolve around inspiring others who share your life circumstances or traits to feel empowered just by your authenticity.

You don't exist just to suffer via shrinking back/chopping up your true essence for anyone else's issues that you did not cause/create (refusing to belittle your passions which don't take anything away from anyone or infringe on others is a boundary that protects you). 

You rest when you're tired, but you do not level down for anyone. You go at your level. Sports and life have many parallels.

How my body manages delayed onset muscle soreness has improved since the ADHD medication and that is not why I take it, but it's even more confirmation that the strenuous weights that "align" my brain functions are meant for me. With a side of Pilates and rest for recovery.

I just think it's interesting to pull conclusions without all of the facts straightened out and I think those kinds of people (those who do not think critically or for themselves) are already looking for reasons to dislike you, so this is another reason why you should just be your fullest expression regardless and live life your way.

I prioritize what's best for me, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. I won't alter my values just because someone has a personal issue with them that originates from within them. I refuse to sacrifice living my life to please someone who doesn't appreciate my energy and time. Now, whether that's a boundary, or a supposed barrier (what indignant people inconvenienced by boundaries/healthy property lines call it), it cleanses my life from all pointless disruptions to my peace. 🛡️

Do not let anyone's misunderstanding of you place a choke-hold on your or put you in a mental cage.