Start-Up Tools I Swear By For Managing My Time

Start-Up Tools I Swear By For Managing My Time

There is no one formula or answer, and while everyone should decide for themselves what works for their business, here are some practical tools that work for me that may resonate with you.

Although I am definitely not a "how to start a business 101 consultant" - I do want people to realize that it can be streamlined and it can be made easier.

These are the tools I use to create mental space, order, and time in my schedule to relax.

10 essential apps / platforms I use for my startup:

1. Shopify: my store platform.

2. Canva: where I design most of my social media posts.

3. Grammarly: for my marketing materials and blog posts.

4. Trello: keeps me sane with project management and this is where I choose what ideas need to wait and be put on the back burner as I no longer operate outside my capacity limits if it isn't dire.

5. OneHub: the file sharing system from my supplier that provides me with product information and marketing materials.

6. Google Drive: file sharing with clients / contractors / it also doubles up as my sales tracker.

7. Google Forms: this is the first step in my client intake process.

8. Google My Business: this is crucial, even for an online store, people usually "Google" the product or service they are looking for before doing anything else to find it.

9. Calendly: calendar booking app for clients - time can be blocked off as available or unavailable - better than back and forth / saves everyone time.

10. Hootsuite: although the pre-scheduled posts may not rank as high, for me, this beats being connected to social media more than is necessary for brand awareness. Since I know where my clients find me... and it's not on social media: the extra time saved is put into client care and being present with clients / meeting my service level agreements.

This is not necessarily an app, but reading the backend data analytics reports of where the people I am meant to serve come from aka which websites they're finding me through has saved me a lot of time. When the analytics are used, the streamlining happens with minimal trial and error.