Oh, The F***ery!

Oh, The F***ery!

This post is about people that do not even know me IRL or past people who are no longer in my life sending third parties to spy on me or gather information but it clearly failed:

Be very careful when you recruit people to turn against someone who has cut ties with you or whatever other reason you tried to paint a bad picture of me... because not only do these people not give back to humanity in any manner (there are ways to do this for free by the way, it doesn't always have to be money, but you're not going to catch them doing anything uplifting for genuine reasons), they have skeletons in their own closet that are going to expose themselves while they were trying to break me down and cut me down to make themselves feel better about themselves, and DIM my light, because they have NO shine of their own. These dark souls are so sad.  

How off-the-mark can you possibly look to try to turn people against one person who has never attacked you or bothered you, but the worst I may have done was speak up about my own experiences in life and refused unwanted connections that I have *no* mental energy for on top of two businesses, a fundraising charity, and a DISABILITY?

Maybe try being more logical, ethical, genuine and don't give me anything to speak up about IN THE FIRST PLACE. How about that? It's like the bullies that are mad that you spoke up, instead of being mad at themselves for being straight up bullies. How else do you think people heal other than speaking up? Are you kidding me?

It was either people sent by a past person that I no longer deal with who has a vendetta, or people sent by someone who is mad that I spoke up about something, maybe they shouldn't have given me anything to speak up about though? It's all going to return to sender.

Some past people act like they were shocked that I left or that it wasn't partly mutual? What?

A lot of envious and jealous liars will lie to others to get them to stalk you or try to intimidate you, but the people who believe those things are as stupid as the people who do them.

Many people from the past may resurface because they feel bad that you dirty but I only give my time to people who wouldn't do stuff like this in the first place.

Anyone who has encouraged you to go near harm's way and you had to distance yourself from may be in denial. 

Whether you live in the same city or not, it doesn't mean that they are entitled to a place in your life, they need to self-reflect as love is unconditional, but relationship is not. Not all bonds can be rebuilt. You have as much right to be here, living in peace, as anyone else.

There was this person unusually interested about when I go to the gym and how often and then they ended up low-key, matching my schedule, and being extremely aggressive with having a place in my life, despite having just met them three seconds ago, which makes me think that there is something odd about it and what they were telling me was very scripted. I am still looking to investigate on who is behind this on a bigger level because there hasn't just been the locals doing under the radar nonsense, there have been other people trying to force themselves into my life (who seemed scripted) but also unusually aggressive.

At this point, I don't want anything to do with any of those people who participated and that's just my choice because I don't have that kind of time. The fact that I have to deal with this in the first place is insane.

This is a messy mishmash of lessons I have been learning in the hopes of inspiring other people who go through similar things in life.

Do not give me anything to speak up about if you do not want me to do so. I am not discouraged from living my daily life albeit less peacefully than usual!

We are called to guard our hearts. I don't think people with good intentions are intrusive in the first place.

There is a difference between natural and unnatural - forced and contrived and that's what I mean, there is nothing wrong with someone genuinely running into someone and being kind, what is weird is when it feels contrived.

Your logistical and energy limits are not a reflection of anyone else and need not be taken as a personal attack. 💯

I don't think that any monitoring spirit I have ever encountered is a bad person, but it's definitely a nuisance that most of us can live without.

Past people telling everyone they were surprised I left? What? It was easier for them to run nonsense on me when I worked in public-facing jobs, not anymore! To bring personal drama to someone's job isn't someone who means you well. Better off without that. 💯

It's completely untrue that someone would leave suddenly without a reason and 99.9% of the time it was mutual but they would rather not admit that. They will act like they were shocked, and that you did it without a warning, but that's not true. 

Doing anything towards my livelihood, and directly or directly is low. These kind of people take no accountability for their part as to why I walked away from the relationship that lowered in quality as time went on, and it's kind of odd. These agents of chaos have a very "steal, kill, and destroy" the productivity, the shine, and the glow of others type energy and that's when you know they are sent by the dark forces.


No one has to be a bad person in order for us to not have the time or the energy or it simply being bad timing and not wanting to be bothered at that moment because we are on our way somewhere for instance or exhausted mentally.🪫🪫🪫

Nobody has to be a bad person for us to have segments of our lives that are dedicated exclusively to recharging (outside our existing obligations of course) because we don't have the added energy and everything takes a different amount of energy for a different people, some of us need more quiet time than others.

If you do not want introductions or weird ambushes that were timed and coordinated with your erratic schedule changes, that's okay too. if you're not in the mood for connecting, that's OK too. It's OK to be tired, it's OK to not be interested in something. You don't really have to make energetic contributions other than minding your own business/being peaceful in a situation where you're paying for a service to recharge your own mind.

Respecting common space, privacy, security, property really doesn’t require knowing everyone about everyone on an intrusive level which is usually fake people who gossip… 

If you like to stay to yourself, and you're not bothering anybody, that's just your personality and you have every right to be yourself - as long as you're not bothering anyone, the problem is when people try to impose themselves into your life repeatedly and retaliate in sneaky ways that are hard to prove. 💯 

Staying to yourself for many people is not a comfort, zone or paranoia, it's literally a mental health requirement, if you have ADHD, or anything else that requires your brain to shut down periods of time in order to recharge because of the pace, at which it operates and the 85 tabs that are open at once. 

It's not just the envious haters who have had to convince people to bother me, but the people who did it are as dumb as the bag of trash who started all of this over envy, as usual. The envious people of the world try to push people out of their spot early they try to stop their shine, are the type to try to stop the success of others instead of building their own. Especially the success of others that is driven by legal means, I'm not out here doing anything shady for my money.

I am not out here trying to convince other people to bother people who don't bother anybody either.

The envious, spineless haters are going to be so mad that you're getting what you deserve in life because that proves that their stupid little lies wrong because that's all they have going for them, unethical and disgusting behavior, in addition to trying to stop the shine of others, so they will cut you down instead of bringing themselves higher, which is the very definition of a coward and bully. And just because some people are in higher places, doesn't mean that they got there by ethical means. 

Another thing, if you've had people forcefully try to enter your life from all angles for over a year: and then try to intimidate you when you have refused, that tells you that their intentions were *not* good from the get-go. I don't have time to test the intentions of every single person who tries this, so I work with the time that I have but with identity theft, social media, hijacking, and other things that have experience throughout this interesting process, I'm not going to apologize for putting limits around who is allowed in my life and who is based on my logistics and the timing. This also made it more difficult for the past people/stalker overall to try to get to me. 

Having different boundaries and limits does not make you a bad person because you're not the one who is going out of your way to bother anybody, you're just trying to preserve what belongs to you and you have the authority over how you spend your energy and time.

Anyone will try to use anything against you when they have an agenda but that's fine, you don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

I don't have to prove myself to past people, or anyone who created a smear campaign in the background to convince people to bother me. Anyone behind this is probably someone who is no longer in my life and that's a good thing, stay out of my life please and get yourself a hobby instead of trying to cut down the next tree because you're so bothered that I'm getting things done without you!

some of the shady things they did were delivered because they were probably being instructed by a very stupid person who is mad that I've been proving them wrong, or being happy without them in my life.

Some people will try to paint a picture of you in order to convince others to bother you because they are mad of how well others treat you and they can't get that same respect through ethical means so they have to cut down the next person because that's the type of slime bag that they are. 

Some people are so delusional when you prove their lies wrong that they go absolutely crazy and try to get other people to bother you because they are physically closer to you in proximity or they will try to destroy your happiness and other ways if you have put parameters in place in certain areas in your life where they can't get to you as easily.

Some will take it to a global scale and use the Internet to smear your name or use your name  to promote disgusting content to try to discourage your business ventures, all it did was make me even more motivated and happy so please calm your stupidity down because you're going to fall into the pit that you dug for me if you haven't already. It was all for nothing because I did nothing to these people except set boundaries and protect myself from relationships that were not healthy for me.

The amount of time it must've taken to convince people that I have never bothered to bother me is quite interesting. This goes to show the kind of future. They are trying to build for themselves and the fact that they don't have anything productive to focus their energy on which kind of just tells me a lot about these people.

It also tells me a lot about the people who actually went for their lies and ran with it, was there an incentive? And I'm the bad one for charging money for my services, but at least that money is obtained legally, and actually sustains my business operations, which is ethical, you should pay your contractors well.

I'm not the one out here trying to bother others for incentives and maybe there are no incentives, but it looks like there were because they were so insistent, and they were so underhanded where they did things that were barely legal, but without hard enough evidence to prove it, it's almost like you are forced to let it go for the most part unless you can find evidence that they're absolutely doing something shady behind the scenes  to bother you. how many people did something only once, so it's harder to establish a pattern, but the overall pattern when they switch between tricks and tactics is actually what matters. Just because the tactic is different every time does not mean that there is no pattern and that nothing is going on because I think something was going on for a while.

There are even people who will try to trick you out of the things that you have earned all because they did something to you that you spoke up about, it's kind of interesting, why can't they just be ethical and not give me anything to speak up about? This goes for any area of life. I don't deserve this shadiness, in fact, they should just take accountability for their stupidity and stop being mad when people speak up. it would cost less to be an honest and ethical person, then having to try to destroy someone else to save you're already tarnished reputation that you did to yourself but you're going to try to come after mine now for no reason? At least the domain names they purchased to do identity theft were cheap, because otherwise, they would be out of funds by now because they did that stuff for a whole year, and even if it stopped now, it doesn't mean it never happened, and that it was acceptable in the first place. That a lot of envy and hate. and everything I've been accomplishing is completely completely without them, which is actually the beauty of it, and potentially the part that they hate the most. But the reality of people who project is that they actually hate themselves, and then they will go out of their way to try to cut you down to cover up their disgusting little insecurities that they should work on because that would make them happier in life.

I thought it was interesting that people were super insistent because non-verbal cues are normally sufficient.

I thought it was interesting that people would follow my schedule that closely even when I kept changing it, and still do stupid shit for a while, it was kind of odd!

And if stupid stuff has been going on for a while, I have every right to be protective as to who I allow into my life. That also makes it so that the stupid people behind gang-stalking-bothering-me-as-a-group to have to work harder to try to get to me, but they are going to never be able to.

There were very specific Shopify blog posts deleted, and there were very interesting, social media type of hacking strategies and identity theft strategies going on, in addition to the IRL monitoring, and following from various people at various times. did they think it was going to stop me from living my life and getting things done? They can turn as many people against me as they want because they are the ones who have something to hide, I am boldly my discerning and authentic busy bee self. I am also openly "selfish" for protecting my time (personal responsibility fof my baseline mental functioning) and making sure that the people I allow in my life are aligned, but I would rather be that person that is stupid, naïve dummy, who lets just anybody into their life, especially after having my identity and passwords stolen! I couldn't even do errands in peace for a while because certain people made it their mission to go out of their way to bother me.

The shady people are so intimidated that their lies about me were not true and now they're mad about the fact that I'm still doing my thing. Get over yourself and start being ethical and maybe you're not going to have to do things like this and resort to smear campaigns. Zero accountability for anything that they've done to other people, but they're mad at you for speaking up? That's so stupid. Dummy silencing tactics are showing! But I frankly don't invest in either types, the liars or the mischievous/bored haters.

Needing an oxygen mask of personal space and time (which already belongs to me) has been the best defence from infiltration, I choose when I am in social mode and when I am in recharge mode, which made their stupid dummy mission even more difficult. Best laid plans failed again! Their envy is pathological at this point. Imagine needing to target someone/bother them to prove your lies about them?

Not everyone needs the same thing, that's fine, accept differences and also, perhaps don't try to slow people down when moving about their day quickly with things to do and then act offended that you, a stranger, do not come before their obligations?

I have to respect my own time first and I won't hand it over to bulldozers who have literally no regard for busy signals, which is already odd.

Also... No:

I don't have to be on a first name basis with anybody (regardless of proximity being the only commonality) if I'm not interested in doing so or do not desire further connection, and frankly, what would be the reason for that unless they wanted something from me?

I don't feel that I have to share anything about myself unless closer connections are mutually desired and it's a no for me due to my unavailability to sustain that. It's logistics and some zones of life are strictly for relaxation (as long as mutual safety, space, noise, and privacy is respected) or work.

Because they want something from you and I'm not interested in giving it.

I have had my online profiles and social accounts attacked for over a year from various angles, and so I have every right to be more discerning with who I allow in my life and that's not personal against anyone, that's just how I operate.

People with good intentions care about your definition of wellness and your comfort.

Not being available is confidently protecting your life's mission, it's not comparing yourself or looking down on others.

Neurodivergent people might need more quiet time to recharge as sensory sensitivities can be overwhelming, requiring solitude to process mental stimuli and prevent sensory overload (so they keep a small circle). Additionally, too much socializing (especially with people who aren't well-vetted or obnoxiously loud) might be mentally draining, necessitating more downtime to regulate emotions and energy levels.

Anyone trying to put what they want from you ahead of your own free will, under any guise, is unlikely to be a match for you on any level as your self-care has to come first before spending time you do not have. I am not here for anyone's consumption at my expense, it needs to be mutual.

High spam filters keep out the less-than-aligned and allow in the good. It's not paranoid or protection mode because the right people respect that trust is gradual and they cannot make withdrawals without deposits (over a span of time). No one who I just met has any right to be intrusive or act entitled to my time.

Limits on your mental space, personal space, energy, when you will and will not connect and who you do or do not have time for etc: boundaries protect your *right* to choices which is what personhood is about, you're not an inanimate object that random people can lay claim on.

Your right to choices doesn't infringe on others. You're not denying them of anything as much as some will act victimized by your limits, let them.

Oneness doesn't forgo individuality:

"... For the one who loves another has fulfilled the law." (Romans 13:8)

Since there is no available space in my schedule, did they think the prying was going to change this?

I am not responsible for, nor will I be held responsible for, anyone's disdain towards my unique boundaries and how I protect my disability management time and why I keep it moving when in a hurry. 🤷‍♀️

This is even more true for people who do not know me, yet seem to think I owe them delaying myself when going about my life (which is already stressful).

It is not possible to over-ride the free will of others and pretend to care for their humanity at the same time, those two sentiments are mutually exclusive unless they're your dependent. Controlling others isn't a thing unless you want something from them, often at their expense and the only way you'll achieve your goal is under a facade as you know they would not willingly hand over whatever it is you want.

As long as I wish ill on no one and I bother no one, I have every right to be left alone in the segments of my private life which are "unavailable" time.

I'm there to use the amenities. So what if that's reclusive, I get to choose who I'm friends with, how many friends I have time for, and what I do with my life, and who I let into my life, because my individual rights still stand as protecting my own rights does not infringe on other people's, but their shady entitled attitude is infringing on my privacy. Oneness means do no harm, but also: live and let live.

Oneness doesn't mean you owe your time and energy to anyone automatically based on their proximity or desire for it.

I am not an extension of anyone, I have a right to protect my privacy and personal information and recharge time and anyone who wants to take that as a personal offense is free to do as they please. "No" does not require explanation unless it is someone I am close to. We do not need to be "on" 24/7 and those who expect us to are unlikely to do anything to give back to humanity, all while insinuating that we are the selfish ones for choosing how we manage our energy and short attention spans or protecting ourselves from intrusive people who have shown that they're already allergic to visible cues/boundaries.

No one has a right to force any level of closeness on anyone else and act like they're the mean ones for refusing, that's a perfectly acceptable response to unwanted anything.

My energy: My choice. Less consideration is owed to those inconsiderate of you.

People have a right to keep to themselves especially if they have a disability and work multiple jobs, trying to force yourself onto them and "time" yourself accordingly to their schedule when they just do not want to be bothered (all while harming no one) is just odd as 99.9% of people do not insist and as long as people respect privacy: no further forcing of oneself onto them should ensue.

Methods commonly used by odd stalking campaigns/dark forces (this is coming from different people and different angles, but all in one list if others can relate and learn through my experience):

• Baiting via messages from unknown numbers and texts (don't respond)

• Overly (fake) nice random people popping up out of nowhere and *demanding* entry into your life (I have no spare time in the first place, thank God lol) but likely due to someone wanting them to get information on you/from you as even if concealed, it's aggressive and forceful and genuine community and friendship is never pressured or forced so that's how you know there's an agenda

• Weird people with hoodies in the lobby doors when I came home (this could be un-related but they seemed out of place and this happened a few times)

• Fake people acting like proximity obligates you to them as if you signed some sort of contract that they own your time or something

• Fake people using trigger words to try to get a reaction, who know things about you that you did not post online, and who try to change your beliefs on sexism, women lifting weights and providing for themselves so to avoid coercive and controlling relationships, and who try to encourage disabled people to not work when they know you advocate for the opposite

• Fake people overall trying to befriend you aggressively

• Insistent people who demand your information when you actually owe them nothing because genuine care does not destroy privacy and make unwanted impositions that are uncalled for, we're not in 1950 where everyone is forced to know each other and we have a right to "limit" our network to what is sustainable for our unique lives, I rather be called selfish than fall into traps and fail to test the spirit and guard my heart

• Showing up at the same coffee shop as you within 10 minutes of you arriving? Hanging out outside your go-to grocery store without going in themselves and shopping? Showing up where you're headed next within 10 minutes of you leaving your home? Coincidences? Since when do such people run on my exact schedule?

Online thieves using your name as clickbait and using it to promote scams (casino scams and pornography, which was a *ploy* to try to trigger a reaction from me, lol, stupid little dummies failed miserably, go cry about it losers because I am still smiling out of amusement, and this is what taught me to reinforce my security from every angle, not because I am afraid: but because I respect and love myself, unlike these scammy scummy filthy gremlins)

• Hacking your online store blog and deleting posts

• Hacking your bank account

• Installing malware on your phone (looks like they're mad I spoke up, so scaryyy)

• Hacking your phone (IT codes to find this out exist)

• Hacking your home security camera system (enjoy the show!)

• Hacking your computer/slowing down your computer at different times

• Odd people seeming to randomly appear where you're headed (repeatedly, like clockwork) which means some monitoring must have had to happen for them know your schedule despite changing it often to confuse them (never share your schedule, information, or future plans with anyone except those directly involved and who have earned your trust, even if someone seems trustworthy: it doesn't obligate you to share anything that is none of their business: many will use your own info against you, they have to earn your trust, but you do not have time to deal with everyone in the first place as some segments of your life should be for mentally recharging and putting order in your thoughts if you want to be able to sustain your accomplishments)   

• People you do not know beating you to your destination repeatedly (who have no business going at the same place at the exact same time)

• Graveyard energy/slamming doors in response to stronger limits and childish tantrums in response to disinterest (how sad is it to be so angry that you can't just get whatever you want from a person aka unwilling subject who will not bow down to random people's agendas for them)

***Genuine people respect autonomy, free will, and personal choice. Genuine souls do not dominate others, only people with agendas to manipulate you do this.*** 🤡

Know that *anyone* trying extremely hard to force trust or demand that you lower your guard (when you owe them nothing of the sort and you do not have any business dealing with such people in the first place) is not for you. Why would anyone want you to be that needlessly vulnerable? We are called to guard our hearts. I am not saying to be paranoid, but alert and conscious is good.

I value *FREE WILL* over who is permitted entry into *my space* and my life.


If it doesn't fit the segments of your life where you're actually available, it probably means you don't have time for it. It's not personal, it's logistical! We cannot know everyone and as long as don't bother anyone, we are allowed to stay in our lane and be left alone if that's the only respite we get from our hectic lives.

You're not called to be able to shoulder or "handle" what isn't even rightfully aligned with your life to prove anything to anyone, certainly not bulldozers. 💯

Nobody has time for every single opportunity or person who tries to forcibly break their way into *their* life. That's just how life works (most people just respect it and keep it moving).

It's a red flag when anyone  personalizes your free choice/limits.

You owe *nothing* to people who don't come correct.

Mature adults respect timing, privacy, personal space, and boundaries around the segments of your life that are "off-limits" and unavailable as no one needs more stress when life is already hectic.

✨✨✨ Love all means obey the law, do no evil, wish no evil, not infringing on the rights of others, not discriminating against others, wish people well, and bother no one: but this does not mean over-exerting yourself or spending time you don't have or at the expense of your own consecutive oxygen mask restoration (how transactional of me to protect my time off for wellness and require going home on time from my business which I refuse to think about on time off as my ADHD brain must recharge, I am so rude and selfish, I know, must be why I am mentally present when "on" the clock and focused but who needs that when burnout is so much juicier lol). Trust few means: boundaries and your right to choose who you consent to being in your private and personal life. Love all doesn't mean you owe anyone your privacy and personal information either, entitlement erodes personal autonomy which is the cornerstone of free will. Love all doesn't mean owing anyone "knowing" you either if you do not have the time and they seem to take someone else's boundaries as a personal attack which is a huge red flag. Being offended by the limits of others is a "them" problem so they should find a way to manage their feelings instead of projecting and bothering you further. ✨✨✨

People who already cross blatant boundaries/signals/cues (whether they are physical boundaries shown by your body language, or disinterest, or they are verbally explained) will not understand or may keep bulldozing signals no matter how much you explain yourself, so keeping your distance, and making it clear that you don't have the time is the best course of action, all while wishing them the very best, is ideal.

Humanity begins with respect for autonomy, dignity, and time.

✨✨✨It's essential to recognize that you have the agency to choose whom you allow into your life and whom you distance yourself from, based on your own standards and boundaries.✨✨✨

If they want to make your boundaries, or limits, or logistics about themselves, that's called being self-centered, whereas having boundaries is called self-respect/self-protection. 🛡️ Being clingy on people that you don't even know is kind of a red flag.

It's not rude to manage your self-preservation and risk no intrusions to your sacred peace and *mental privacy zone* because most people back off at the first sign of you being preoccupied, busy, moving fast, and disinterested (and already do your charity work elsewhere).

I don't have time to give people an opportunity to waste my time twice

I only invest in connections, who would never do this in the first place, it's called quality control, because forgiveness does not mean reentry or reconciliation, people have to get this through their thick skulls. Apparently, some of those skulls are empty as well so the thickness must be from insulation which keeps them from seeing reality for what it truly is and it keeps them going after people who don't bother them.

Me minding my own business in a peaceful and graceful manner, while respecting and being cognizant of the space of others around me, is much different than dumb bullies trying to sow discord against me because they didn't get what they wanted from me or I spoke up about something or I broke up those weak AF ties along time ago, that's just wasteful of everyone's energy.

It looks like miserable people don't value their time energy I think that's what I'm starting to see, so don't expect them to value yours.

Don't expect them to thank you for your time, don't expect them to appreciate your time, so don't give them any of it.

I'm not at a place in my life where I have time or mental energy for second chances (I have MORE than enough on my plate and I do not move the logistics of my disability for anyone who isn't a dependent, so good luck with trying to over-ride my health, never again).

You fumbled me the first time, go lay in the bed that you made for yourself and be an adult and take some accountability, why would I invest time in soil that is not fertile and genuine? All to save them from their karma?

Drink your envy up by yourself buttercup, I am not interested! 

Some people have to learn lessons. I have reacted emotionally to people in the past, and I will never do that again, and I take full ownership for that but reactivity is not the same as being the person throwing the daggers at you from every angle, is it? I mean that metaphorically, but you get what I'm saying

We don't all have the same amount of disposable time and as long as we manage our own household, we choose what we do with our overflow only once our own responsibilities are managed (like adults who understand what belongs to us and what does not).

The insomnia buffers protect my ability to work - period - as does consecutive un-interrupted unless from dependents, strangers who think they are above the priorities of a fellow stranger are not my vibe.