Morning and Night Routine

Morning and Night Routine

As much as I think balance is overrated, this is my version of balance.

I will do this on most days because routines buy freedom. I don't do this because I have to, I do this because I am building mini-breaks and infrastructure / systems into my day. As a result, I get more productivity / resilience / organization and I feel like I am actually making progress on all goals.

The freedom found in routines is releasing mental energy and creativity to focus on goals, since the foundation / basic operational tasks of your life are taken care of.

Stability can be found in an easy-to-execute routine:


Smoothie with protein + coffee + breakfast

Diffuse essential oils & meditate (listening to Abraham Hicks)

Glance at vision board

Make a written or mental gratitude list, write out daily goals

Podcast while getting ready (when possible)

Kettlebell swings & yoga stretches or walk


Diffuse essential oils

Green or white tea (no, caffeine does not affect me, opt for a caffeine-free option if it affects you too close to bed time)

Podcast or Abraham Hicks on Youtube

Journal and review vision board (when needed)

Write blog content if inspired

Full-length workout

I hope this inspires you to organize your time like your life depends on it, it does! Time waits for no one. Your goals won't accomplish themselves without concerted effort.

The proportion of results you get out of something = what you put in. Invest in yourself fully so that the energy that flows from you is in alignment with your desires.

If you are looking for strategy to get back on track or stay on track, we are offering Reset (consultations) for the Holiday season.

Give yourself the gift of self-care.