Welcome to the best performance-driven workout supplements by the funniest and most honest coach I know. I am grateful that I can send him referrals, but also, be a part of sharing truly trustworthy products as an affiliate.


Greg Doucette's famous tagline of "Harder Than Last Time" is the inspiration of HTLT. The brand is geared towards helping people be the best version of themselves and I fully support that! I also love how much work he puts into formulating the supplements, it is definitely not fake nonsense. 

The flavour combinations are also insanely good. Of course, supplements do not replace work ethic, but they surely help boost performance, focus, and recovery.

My personal favorite is the pre-workout: HTLT Pink Candy Blast Pre-Workout.

The name speaks for itself, if you're someone who's looking to train HTLT...look no further! This pre-workout formula isn't just effective for completing high-quality training sessions, it also tastes DELICIOUS.

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*Please consult a health professional or doctor before starting any supplement regime.