My Morning Routine

I used to find routines restrictive, but systems and routines buy freedom down the line and save time.

I don't do this because I have to, I do this because I am building mini-breaks and infrastructure/systems into my day. As a result, I get more productivity/resilience/organization and I feel like I am actually making progress on all goals.

The freedom found in routines is releasing mental energy and creativity to focus on goals since the foundation / basic operational tasks of your life are taken care of.

Stability can be found in an easy-to-execute routine.

My morning routine:

Smoothie with protein + coffee + oatmeal or cereal topped with fruit

Diffuse essential oils & active meditation meditate (listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube, while stretching and attempting pilates)

Glance at my vision board

Make a written or mental gratitude list, write out daily goals

Listen to podcasts while getting ready (when possible)

The most fun part of my morning routine is taking my supplements.